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    Salt is alright. It's necessary for some recipes but I hardly ever put in on food once it's finished. Now black pepper I'll grind onto all sorts of things. I love that shit.
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    Anyone wants to talk about The Twilight Zone?

    It's a classic series, to be sure. And it was basis for the BEST PINBALL TABLE OF ALL TIME!
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    You Can Now Play Heroes of the Storm as Overwatch's D.Va

    The amazon isn't a playable character in Diablo 3 last time I checked. I love Diablo, it's my favorite Blizzard IP. But it's no where NEAR as relevant as Overwatch these days.
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    You Can Now Play Heroes of the Storm as Overwatch's D.Va

    It's almost like Overwatch is a popular new IP and Diablo 2 came out 17 years ago.
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    What things irrationally scared you as a child?

    When I was really young, the full moon scared me. Seriously, I'd have nightmares of it dragging me out of my bed and up into space. I was an odd kid. I thought there were bigfoot living in the woods behind my house.
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    Who is your favourite fictional character and why?

    Okay, granted. He was a bastard, but he was all in on it.
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    Who is your favourite fictional character and why?

    But Slit was a jerk. He wasn't even supportive of his fellow War Boys. Trying to killsteal from Maraslov and then demeaning his death as mediocre? What a dick.
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    Robocop 1 is the best Sci Fi movie ever.

    It's good satire and nice, over the top violence, but I can't call it the best sci-fi movie ever.
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    8 Normal Games With NSFW Scenes

    Yep, if it weren't for the boobies all these games where you CUT PEOPLE IN HALF would be totally safe for work.
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    The Jungle Book (2016) - Should Baloo have won?

    Not having seen the movie, I can't be a fair judge. In the book, Khan had a lame leg..did he have that handicap in the new film?
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    This perticular hair style just makes me so...disgusted.

    No one gives a toss if you're offended by something so trivial as a fucking haircut. How sheltered and privileged does someone have to be to get sickened by someone's hair? I want to live your life. You can't have any real problems.
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    136: Flashback

    Waah waah waah..they were frightened of me because I was different. *****, you were lighting shit on fire. Don't act all put upon when you where gleefully burning crap. I'd be concerned, too.
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    Armello DLC, Xbox One Release Coming Later This Month

    I'm stoked for this! Hopefully the Bandit Clan will be released as DLC soon as well. I wanna conquer Armello as an adorable squirrel, dagnabbit.
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    My Fellow Misties! Your Favorite Episode!

    The Beast of Yucca Flats is one of my favorites. Hell, any of the Coleman Francis films are all painful in wonderful ways. I'm also partial to Catalina Caper because "Creepy Girl" is the best MST3k song yet. The Day the Earth Froze, Jack Frost, and The Sword and the Dragon are all amazingly...
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    What are you listening to Escapists? (June 2016 Edition)

    I've been really into Krizz Kaliko the last couple months. He does great party tunes but he has some really deep, sad tracks on all his albums as well. Dude is an amazing talent.