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    I just want to say thanks :)

    What a lovely post. I've liked my time here and will continue to pop in, even if the people I used to banter with are no longer here. The Escapist still gets me right in the feels.
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    Full Time Employee vs Other Ways To Earn

    There is a lot to be said for being an employee... I get 33 days paid leave plus 10 national holidays. 6 months full sick pay then 6 on half pay. Fixxed hours, unless I want to do over time. PAYE so I dont have to do my own tax returns. Employee pension which is really good. Assistance...
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    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection revealed.

    May is so far away!
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    Critical Gaming's Year End Wrap up

    Cheers for the well wishes. Ill make a start on a few of those.
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    Selling Gambling to Children - Do we ACTUALLY care?

    I think that the difference now is that it is packaged as Starwars, which is aimed at the kids, and that it has a multimillion dollar ad campaign to push it. Team fortress never had that. Personally I think it is no worse that FIFA ultimate team which is predatory. Im glad neither my son or I...
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    Critical Gaming's Year End Wrap up

    Ive just picked up a ps4 after a seperation... she got the PC and Xbox, so Im now looking forward to trying some of these titles. Youre talking about.
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    EA response is typical

    Why is all of this on EA? Titanfall2 was mostly praised for its progression system and that was published by EA. How much of the blame lands on Dice's shoulders? Knowing there would be lootbox/microtransactions they went for no custom charecter stuff? What are we left to buy but charecters...
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    Your most Unpopular Media Opinion

    That might be the most awesome thing ever caught on camera...
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    Your most Unpopular Media Opinion

    Can you really say its better than commando? I love the rock as much as the next man but arnie in his prime?
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    Your most Unpopular Media Opinion

    Commando is the best thing ever put on film: spoilers below. It has prime Arnie doing exactly what hes good at. Talking shit, punching people, throwing them around, dropping one liners and and shooting massive guns. Hes deadly, funny and likable. When you think it cannot get any better...
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    Aches and Pains

    Ive got fingers that no longer straighten, an elbow that clicks when it moves and a weak ankle. Its almost like 10+ years of mma is bad for you.
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    Thor - Ragnarok - A Hela Good Time (Insert Groan Here)

    Watch the spoilers. I really enjoyed this. I like the progression with hulk and thor, both really well done. I loved Hela. She takes over the screen and is my new crush. Might be my favourite marvel film since GOTG or Antman.
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    Best of British Comedy

    Anything with Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. So shooting stars or the smell of vic and bob.
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    What do you look for in animated fight scenes

    The remote.
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    Who is your favorite monster/beast girl in terms of aesthetic design

    Having left school is a barrier.