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    There's Not Much Role-Playing in Role-Playing Games These Days

    That's why I recommended Soth, where the game exists more as conversation between the GM and players. Fiasco is another good alternative, as there's GM, no actual combat, and the events are determined solely by dice roll, but narrated and expanded by the players. Inspectres takes a more...
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    There's Not Much Role-Playing in Role-Playing Games These Days

    SMH. If you look over the top of your article, you'll see a bar with several categories, and a couple of steps over from Video Games, you'll see a tab with the word 'Tabletop.' There you'll find the role playing you're looking for. I suggest Soth...
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    Pokemon GO Finally Launches in Japan

    In other news: The Nikkei stock index took a drastic hit as the futures markets imploded, due to fears of massive productivity slowdowns in the Japanese economy.
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    8 of the Most Influential RPGs Ever Made

    This is why editors matter, kids. First, it's spelled 'influential,' not 'influencial.' At least turn on your spell check. Second, on a site that covers both tabletop and video gaming, 'RPG' on its own is ambiguous. You should have used 'CRPG' in the title at least, if not in the whole...
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    Simon Pegg Is Co-Writing Star Trek 3

    Hipster Geek has not only seen Black Books, Hipster Geek has seen Dirk Gently, Garth Merenghi's Darkplace, Nathan Barley, and watched Spaced during its initial American broadcast, which was only over a couple of weeks at 2am on one of the lesser (at the time) cable channels. Hipster Geek is now...
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    Simon Pegg Is Co-Writing Star Trek 3

    Thanks JarinArenos. A TV series writer, yes, but the main series that he's known for is Spaced. That's cred enough right there. And besides Hot Fuzz, there's Shaun of the Dead, Run Fatboy Run, and Paul. As well as hitting the trifecta of SF as an actor, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Dr. Who...
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    Tom Clancy: Red Storm Rises

    For my money, Clancy's most valuable contribution to gaming was helping to popularize Harpoon (for suitably scaled values of popular). But then, I consider Warren Spector's most valuable contribution to gaming to be Toon, so I'm probably not the best judge of such things.
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    Dungeon Keeper Mobile Review - Wallet Reaper

    The short answer: Humble Bundle Periodically they'll have a humble android bundle. Also, some of the big FOSS games have been ported as well: Ur-Quan Masters OpenTTD FreeCiv Wesnoth doesn't seem to be available in a free edition. Also available is Droid Tower, an adaptation of the...
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    YouTube Issued Copyright Claims Against Miracle of Sound

    It's effecting game devs too:
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    8 Star Wars Videogames From The Past

    Not even the venerable Star Wars arcade machine? Omitting the RotJ I can see, but not the great granddaddy of them all.
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    PS Vita TV Is a Game Boy Player For The Vita

    Called it. Six years ago: Seeing how large a segment streaming boxes have become, that would have given Sony a huge lead in the market, but knowing Sony, they would have saddled it with their own...
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    Gun Monkeys Gives Free Games to Lonely Players

    One of the VPs of Introversion said the same thing about piracy...when you have multiplayer matchmaking, you owe it to your paying customers that they have as large a pool as possible, so it's counterproductive to be too aggressive about piracy.
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    No Right Answer: 90's Cartoon Most Deserving a Reboot

    Feh. Gargoyles or Swat Kats? You people should be thinking much further afield, especially with the likes of Adult Swim as a venue. While they both have a lot of good memories for you all, I'm sure, as well as many of the other popular cartoons that have been mentioned, Reboot, Freakazoid, et...
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    Nvidia Says PS4 and Xbox One Are Good News For PC Gamers

    Nvidia's hardly an unbiased source, as most of their revenue comes from the PC Gaming market. Cum grano salis, my friends, cum grano salis.
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    D&D Finally Goes Mobile with Arena of War

    Mobile PHONE license, maybe, but at least one of the Gold Box games was ported to the GBA. Though you may be distinguishing between mobile referring to gaming on a portable general purpose device, and portable referring to gaming on portable dedicated device, which may not be an unuseless...