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    Review: Halo: ODST

    That made me laugh ALOT, yes, must be!
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    Poll: Anger...

    Well, pinch your fingers and sing a soft song under your breath while you think of a time when you were calm. I find it works. I think its better to let people know your angry, but say it, don't go mad.
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    favorite vehicle in any game

    Spitfire in Blazing Angels, come on! Barrel rolling though two chimneys!
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    Best Joke

    A man walks to the top floor of a ten story bar, he orders 5 beers, drinks them all then jumps out the window. 10 Minutes later the same man comes back, he orders 5 more beers, drinks them and jumps out the window again. 10 Minutes later he comes back, orders 5 beers, drinks them, then, as...
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    Post a picture of you

    Yes it has and I'm still not posting, sorry, your not finding out my gender! Erm, mwu ha ha ha
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    your most epic gaming moments EVER!

    Playing co-op with a friend on Gears Of War with the beserker. Random screaming of "ROLL! roll now! ARGHHH!". Failing that, just watching the final cut scene in Double Agent last generation, I know its cheap but I loved it!
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    if halo 3 came to ps3 would u buy it?

    Err, elaborating on that, because I have played it all at a friends and don't think the multiplayer is worth it.
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    if halo 3 came to ps3 would u buy it?

    Err, Nah.
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    What game are you playing now?

    Err, Dolop?.. Like a dolop of icecr- doesn't matter. Im playing Bad Company online, might go back and finish Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within
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    So I'm Halfway Through Mirror's Edge....

    Well, motorstorm towards the end, I have given up on it now, just so frustrating.
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    Last Song before you die

    Now THAT is an interesting song. I don't know what to make of it at all.
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    Last Song before you die

    Hmm, "Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist" by Muse, perhaps... "Forever" by Papa Roach, not because it's in any context, its just a good song.
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    Thank goodness I'm saved...thanks to a game?

    Well, video games distracted me in my recent depression and medieval total war, although I am ashamed to admit it, teached me geography skills.
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    Poll: Favorite Orange Box game the poll

    Episodes 2 clearly! Hmm, well, that?s what I voted but actually that?s discounting the fact its much shorter than half-life 2
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    Assasin's creed 2

    Will they really call it "Assassins Creed 2"? I was thinking "Assassins Whatever" anyway, I wont talk about what I do or don?t want, I?m sure it will turn out good.