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    Microsoft's UWP is Games for Windows Live 2.0

    If it ends up that my only choices are to get a game with the DRM of UWP, or the DRM of Steam, then I think I'll just go buy a deck of cards. And the guarantees of anonymous internet forum posters aren't worth the bits that make up their post.
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    The Curse of Christmas Spoilers

    I'm pretty sure there is someone on the other end of that webcam, unless I missed something all this time Shaun (Shawn? I forget which spelling he uses) has just been some sort of AI program (which might explain a lot). On top of that though, it looks like he was stating what his character...
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    How Witcher 3 Breaks all the Rules

    Honest question because I actually don't know the answer, but can you get the installation files from Steam, and then install and run the game on a computer that doesn't even have Steam installed, or doesn't even have an internet connection? If not, then it's not DRM free.
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    Activision's $6 Billion Candy Crush Gamble

    It should be pointed out that "revenue" is not "profit," and that "profit" is what will be needed to recoup the cost of purchase.
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    Star Trek - The What's Next Generation

    I dug this up for you: Archer's Theme []. A limited selection of that (pretty much the portion with electric instruments) was used during the closing credits. That theme and variations on it (mostly without the "electric" sound) was used throughout the series as...
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    Star Trek - The What's Next Generation

    Totally agree with you on Bakula; he's the main reason I'm watching NCIS: New Orleans at the moment. And for the most part, yes, the rest of the cast was pretty solid. I really only had a problem with the character of T'pol, and that was more of an issue with the writing/directing than with...
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    Star Trek - The What's Next Generation

    Enterprise was a sadly missed opportunity - it had (some) enjoyable actors and characters, and a setting with a lot of opportunities for classic "Trek" exploration, development, and conflict. If only the writers could have come up with a decent plot instead of taking already overused plot...
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    Star Trek - The What's Next Generation

    I find that the things which are simultaneously the most funny and the most sad are those which contain the most truth. This comic is no departure from that observation.
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    The Fallout Shelter Experiment on Us

    Then I'm afraid that you are going to have to at least relinquish the "avid" part of that title.
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    The Digital Distribution Wars Are On Again

    Calm down, there's no need for baseless accusations of lying here, or any of that vitriol. As I read it, Shamus was just comparing Gamers Gate to the existing platforms. He later addresses Galaxy and its characteristics as a new and upcoming platform (technically still in beta), so the...
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    So Who Is DRM For Anyway?

    What you are proposing, installing the game on two separate computers from one purchased copy and playing both simultaneously, is technically illegal and the very reason such authentication systems exist. You have basically admitted committing a crime on a public forum. Legality aside, even...
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    So You Want To Be a Game Developer?

    No joke. In a couple of years, I'll be up for my 20 year high school reunion, and the time has flown. I work with I guy who I graduated high school with. Every now and then, as we are discussing the events of our lives, one of us will turn to the other and ask, "when did we get old?" It...
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    Zero Punctuation: Grim Fandango - Does It Hold Up?

    I'm probably in the minority, but personally I never bother with ZP; I come for Shamus.
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    New Dungeons & Dragons Video Game Includes "Dungeon Master Mode"

    My first thought when I saw the article was, "didn't NWN already do this?"
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    Graphics Are Sometimes Hard

    By "low-latency", I got the impression that Shamus was referring to the type of latency typical of a LAN connection, not anything that would be going out through the internet. Seeing as PC FPS games these days are pretty much designed and intended for online play, I can definitely see the...