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    Far Cry 5 Teaser Trailer Welcomes You to Hope, Montana

    Fucking thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only on who noticed.
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    Outlast 2 Has Basically Been Banned in Australia

    Praise be to our glorious Liberal overlords for once again shielding the proud citizens of Australia from the moral degeneracy of video games.
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    First Dishonored 2 PC Update Available in Beta, Contains a Few Performance Fixes

    6.4GB to fix three small issues?! Are you sure there is nothing else in that download?
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    Arkane is Investigating Complaints About Dishonored 2 PC Performance

    30gb WITH a boxed copy?! I hope that's an exaggeration. Sounds like it's gonna be another month or two before I'm willing to get it.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Shown Off in Brief New Trailer

    Please, please, PLEASE give us a PC version!
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    Strange Things You Have Seen In Your Town or City.

    I was out for a walk one day when I saw a woman walking her boyfriend. He was on a lead with fluffy cat ears and a collar.
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    Sports fans and how they are perceived in media and reality.

    Soccer is the only major sport where I hear about fans basically starting riots. When I hear things about other sports, like Rugby and American football, its usually bad behavior from the players rather than the fans.
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    Fallout 4 Xbox One Mods Capped at 2GB, Other Limitations Detailed

    Don't worry, there's a mod for that.
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    What kinds of enviroments do you dislike as levels in a game?

    Seemingly endless sewer tunnels. Always bland to look at. Always drag on too long.
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    DOOM Concept Art Shows Dark Lord of Congeniality

    Loving the new designs. They were talking about some cultish stuff going on and "weaponizing the demons" in the story previews, so I'd imaging that it is human tech on demon. That Revenant though
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    What is your Hype meter for Upcoming games?

    Do not, my friends, become addicted to hype! It will take hold of you and you will resent it's absence!
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    Your customer service experience. The good, the bad, the funny, the outrage & bizarre.

    Please tell me you still have this and can show it to us.
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    Bethesda announces Mod Support Open Beta for Fallout 4

    We'll see how this pans out, but I got a bad feeling about this... I smell paid modding on the horizon.
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    Will Shadow warrior 2 be best Pure SP FPS since Half life 2?

    Are Flying Wild Hog and Bethesda paying you to make these? If they take the ideas of the last one and expand and evolve them than it will definitely be an excellent game. However, I doubt it's going to be taking any "best of generation" and such awards. Remember that the New Order came out...
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    26,000-Figure Playmobil Diorama Depicts Carthage Vs. Rome

    Those are some cheery looking Romans.