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    Pokemon Gold/Silver Gets Skateboards, Girls

    there are games out or coming out that are exclusive to he DSi but i cant see what aspect of pokemon would be different if it was..
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    First Gaming Experience?

    the original playstation with sypro, crash bandicoot and rayman best games ever, still love them
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    And the stupid question award goes to.......

    ive got a few that happened in my school one girl in my english class asked "whats the past tense of shook, its shoke right?" another girl in my history class asked "did england win WW2?" we also told a guy some stupid facts and he then asked these questions "do horses really lay...
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    Poll: Is the simpsons getting worse

    the simpsons has at most 3 decent jokes a season. they need to put this old show down and concentrate on futurama which still has a few good seasons left in it.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    too late :P im currently listening to cardiff - stone sour
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    Last CD You Bought

    last album i bought was lamb of god - wrath, simply mindblowing album to follow up sacrament but ill be buying chimaira - the infection on the 21st.
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    Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

    Might i suggest the 3 week rule 1st week - comfort 2nd week - be friendly 3rd week - flirt and then she will lick the cream off your love sponge :P but dont rely on my advice, i have as much experience as a catholic priest :P my situation is that im single and have been for...
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    Poll: A poll for all the headbangers out there!!!

    picked slipknot but favourite headbang song at the moment is as i lay dying- nothing left
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    Stuff everyone else loves that you hate

    i could go on for a while about all my hates but ill limit it skins (the tv show) 90210 bands like the killers or the kooks also music like basshunter peter kay developers that make disney shows into games.
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    Music Reccomendation Thread

    im not really into the rap and hip-hop side of music i prefer the heavy or death metal genre and i can suggest a few remarkable bands, ill list some bands that havent been suggested or just mentioned as i lay dying the black dahlia murder bullet for my valentine bullets and octane...