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    Poll: how tall are you?

    6 foot 2-3, depending on what time of day.
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    The last thing you ate is now attacking you

    Oh no! My next door neighbors! And only a brownie to defend myself.
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    Why isn't a gun considered an elegant weapon?

    People who say that anyone can shoot a gun are not entirely correct. Anyone can pull a trigger but being able to effectively use a firearm and understand how one works is more difficult than people give it credit for. My guess is that a guns are considered inelegant due to their noise, silencers...
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    Have you ever had a "man-crush"?

    Hugh Laurie, Hugh Laurie, Hugh Laurie.
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    What accent can you do best?

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    What is the absolute worst idea you can think of?

    Adhesive toilet paper.
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    Zero Punctuation: Dead Space 2

    200, Stream not found, NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound, clip: '[Clip] ' Grrrr....I want my yatzhee fix NOW!
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    Poll: Toughest Sport

    I think it would be boxing. As the consistent aim is to damage your opponent as much as possible.
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    Things that get no (very little) hate

    I hated that game. I found it quite boring.
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    Poll: Friendship between Men and Women or The Ladder Theory

    I agree. Life isn't that simple! There are other things that need to be taken into account here. Like the whole spectrum of human emotion. You can't just lump everything into these two categories and then just deny everything else!
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    Where'd you get your username(s)?

    From Blackadder, the first episode. When he is deciding his title.
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    How tall are you?

    6 foot 1. 185 centimeters.
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    In Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion what do you think your character was in prison for at the beginning?

    Exposing his grizzled lizard willy at the emperor.
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    Have you ever felt a deep, personal hatred towards an NPC?

    When I played GTA 4, whenever I would pick Roman up, I wouldn't stop the car and just smash into him as hard as I could. I didn't hate him, just found him annoying.