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    What game have you replayed the most times?

    Ocarina of Time, I've played it more times than I could even possibly count, and i'm still not tired of it.
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    Heath Ledger Might Appear in Next Batman Movie

    I'm not even sure how much i believe this, Nolan has said Joker won't appear in this film and considering his stance on using as little cgi as possible. Having said that if it is true, i don't think Nolan would use it if it looked too fake. Either way he's my favorite director and I trust him.
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    Mark Wahlberg cast as Nathan Drake.

    I agree he's a great actor, just when i see him I don't think Nathan Drake, even though he's done comedies, he doesn't seem to have that humour that N.D has. I always (perhaps naively so) hold some hope that i'll be surprised by a game movie, so i kinda hope he proves us wrong.
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    Why the Movie Is Better than the Game

    I really enjoyed Scarface and Spider-man 2, King Kong wasn't too bad either. I also thought X-men origins was ok for what it was, it wasn't great but I admittedly had some fun, I did however think it was too long, which is a complaint I never thought I'd have for a game.
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    Mark Wahlberg cast as Nathan Drake.

    I figured there would be but, oh well.
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    Mark Wahlberg cast as Nathan Drake.

    No,, no, no.......NO!!!
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    Zero Punctuation: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

    Ahhh i remember playing that one. lol
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    Zero Punctuation: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

    That Noah's Ark game sounds awesome! lol
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    Zero Punctuation: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

    I used to have that Linkin Park poster. lol
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    Most aggravating boss character yo have faced.

    The final boss in Prototype, was so difficult i finished it once and ended up trading it in anyway.
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    "THAT didn't kill him?"

    That's because video game characters have health packs....duh, lol
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    What movies do you regret watching?

    Out of curiosity, and because people were too quick too insult rather than ask, what was it about Chris Nolan's Batman films didn't you like.
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    My Problems with Red Dead Redemption...

    I assume they didn't add anything like that because it might slow down gameplay, as for getting killed for getting a bounty, that never happened to me thankfully, but i guess it could be argued that the game is taking place at a time when law and "civilized" society is making a stronger...
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    Would you kill your friend to save 10 other people

    From the way this question is displayed, whatever choice i'd make, no one would know i did it because i can't tell them i did it, so if i chose to save my friend there wouldn't be much of a downside because that friend wouldn't know that ten were dead because i chose them, so it really just...