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    Would you buy a Warhammer 40k FPS-MMORPG?

    Ammm... mates? Seems like the news never passed and blesses these shores. One such kind of games is allready developed by the guys at Vigil Games, the company behind darksiders:wrath of war... licensed by THQ, blah, blah, blah..... google it
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    Bird Goes Nuts Over FFXIII Chocobo Drink

    It's a parrot dude.....a nymph parrot if i'm correct...
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    My Country has just won Miss World...

    God's sake you want a girl with 6 boobs?
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    Poll: Going Akimbo

    You my good friend would NOT like the multiplayer aspect of call of juarez 2.......... you'd go mad at the hombre....
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    Poll: Your thoughts on Romania

    ............The overall oppinions here make me want to throw up.. seriously... Ok, i get it, you got most of your facts from top gear, and yes, ceausescu was a bad guy.... But for christ's sake, the guy made more for this darn country than we did after the revolution of 89'. Also, yes we have...
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    Poll: What type of RPG do you prefer?

    Well the soviet in me cries out RPG-7!!, although i'm more of a fan of the fm-92 stinger... . . . . oh darn....
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    Poll: When will world of warcraft die?

    Wow dies the month i get my hand on a RPG 7, 5 kilos of C4 and a 5-man team of wow-hating cooks.... Ak-74's would be a nice touch for the style..... Just kidding... or maybe not!... or maybe i am.......... OR MAYBE NOT!!!
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    Billboard Announces Resistance 3 Very, Very Early

    This is..... was sony drunk again? I... i don't even get it, is it supposed to be a joke, a marketing stunt or what, cause for God's sake i won't take the "twas a mistake" bullshit sauce... dude....
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    Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising - A Serious Baby Tea Review FINISHED!

    I for one bought the game off steam and i must say... i'm very impressed, mainly with the optimisation. I can run OFP:DR on max with no flaws, around 60-70 fps. But when i'm playing ArmA 2 i can barely get aroun 30 on very low.... wtf?!
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    Summing up a game in a sentence

    KAAAAFUCKINGBOOOOOOOOOM. Red faction guerilla... been playing that too much lately...
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    What's your Halloween costume this year??

    Arkham asylum joker. I JUST LOVE THAT TUX!. Purple tuxedo, kick-arse shoes, and by god, im getting my hair dyed green too!
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    What would your mafia nickname be.

    Chris Butterfly... And yes, i can do the spy trick with a butterfly blade.
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    U2 Wants To Be In a Videogame

    Hmm, you know, if for every guy who reaches 100% on any song on expert Bono pulls a poor kid out of Africa and gives him a home, i might just buy this.
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    Modern Warfare 2 Trailer Criticized For "Going Too Far"

    Oh so a village burning in eastern Europe in which women are murdered and raped, and children used as... god i can't even say it it's okay, but god forbid a bullet is fired by an other military force different from the US army on American soil and that's just too far.... Sons'a'bitches like...
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    Doomsday Arcade: Episode 19

    Christ don't tell me you're ACTUALLY gonna kill em... you can't end the show at it's most awesomesauce-filled portion....