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    About The Elder Scrolls 6...

    Are you fucking kidding me? 6 votes for Black Marsh? DON'T YOU GUYS WANT LIKE BRUTAL BULLSHIT AND ASSASSINS EVERYWHERE AND BARELY BEING ABLE TO SURVIVE AND THE MOST RUTHLESS ENVIRONMENT EVER? Failing that, Summerset Isles and the other continents take my vote. Some non-Tamriel...
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    What is Your Favourite Sound Effect From Any Game?

    When the Arch-Vile appears, dies, or attacks. I fucking love those guys.
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    Team Fortress 2's Conversion Rate Is Huge And Confusing

    Well the cheapest items go for 50 US cents, so that's a fair price to pay to get the rest of the game. I'm surprised it's only ~20-30 percent and not like 60, to be honest. I guess alot of F2Pers just don't want to/aren't allowed to spend money on that, full stop.
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    Let's Play Morrowind

    You did it wrong. You're meant to steal the limeware platter in Ergalla's room then put it back, get caught, take it again and walk out like nothing happened. You should be able to make 2,000 gold in Seyda Neen alone, too :>
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    Zero Punctuation: Rage

    Did you happen to play Doom? If you've made that post I'm going to have to assume that's a no. What a shame ;-;
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    Best sci-fi book you've ever read

    Orson Scott Card's Xenocide. It's my favourite in the series! /troll /xkcd reference But seriously, the whole series is awesome. Never finished Children of the Mind though, which sucks.
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    Your blood is now a different colour...

    My blood is now pink. I have the power to change my sex between male, female and futa. Time to go be an awesome troll.
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    Poll: Rule 63: Yourself

    Yeahp. Sign me up. Wait, why not? That's a wonderful idea.
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    Does your school have a music program? MINE DIDN'T

    Ahhh, a music PROGRAMME... I thought you were talking about like, Sibelius or something. Silly Americans not having a seperate spelling for a seperate meaning. Welp, voted.
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    Music to study by

    Amon Tobin works for me. It's mostly downbeat acid jazz or trip-hop. Either that or I just shuffle all my jazz bands.
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    Zero Punctuation: Hard Reset

    "Audio-visual department at Harvey Norman's" >new best yahtzee quote, move along.
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    Games that you would instantly buy

    Yeahp, pretty much. It became Zeno Clash but they're intending to make it anyway. Now that Rock of Ages is out of the way they should be set.
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    Poll: Have you watched violent porn?

    Porn can have a plot. See Bible Blac-wait, no. Nevermind me ;-; There's a pony in your avatar. That didn't go well in my mind ;-;
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    Poll: How many on the Escapist dislike anime?

    Depends on the anime, I guess. I hated Blue Sub No.6 and Serial Experiments Lain for example, but loved Angel Beats, Clannad and Higurashi. oh look i'm in the seventh paeg! nopody gon read dis
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    Games that you would instantly buy

    Zenozoik. If you know of this game, friend me and let's have cybersex. Because you have qualified as awesome.