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    Fast-paced or tactical RPG or Action Adventure game?

    pokemon conquest is a tactical rpg in the vain of ff: tactics thats coming out on the 18th. you would probably like it. for what its worth ign gave it a 9.
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    Used Games and Why they sell...

    first according to gamestop policy that should not be happening. they are allowed to take home a used copy for a set number of days and only if multiple copies of the game are available. on topic: I buy used games because they are cheaper. not much to say about that. I dont have sixty dollars...
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    Reccommend me some DS games :)

    pokemon black/white the world ends with you (best rpg on the system) okamiden (sequal to okami) radiant historia( rpg awesome combat might and magic clash of heroes ( awesome puzzle rpg) retro game challenge (a game where you play made up retro games because a disembodied head is forcing...
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    New US ISP sanctioned/controlled piracy database will mean the end to internet privacy.

    fair enough. I download roughly six to ten albums a month on average from mediafire exc. these albums have been uploaded to those sites by the artists. obviously this isnt the case with 99% of the content on those sites, but it is with the files im talking about. Seeing how there is no way to...
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    Gamespot is biased? REALLY?

    it really is though. When did the first call of duty game come out: oct 2003. Mario has been around since the 80s and pokemon since the mid ninties. black ops has sold more than any pokemon game. I cant say for mario games because i cant find any numbers on them, but im guessing it has outsold...
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    Rumor: 2D-loving 3DS Coming Next Year

    not really. If they do make a circle pad add on they would be equal systems; and im sure you know how much nintendo loves there add-ons. Like I said in my post im not sure if they can make a circle pad add-on, but if they can im sure they will. also worth noting is that if a game was to use...
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    Rumor: 2D-loving 3DS Coming Next Year

    heres my theory: nintendo isnt about to release a new handheld after the damage the 3ds has done to there name. However a multi-SKU plan is not out of the question. They can have the 3ds they have now as well as a more affordable SKU with two circle pads but no 3d. I would imagine that taking...
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    Notch Is Ready For a Fight

    first result: mojang game second result: third result: wikipedia entry about scrolls (ie: real scrolls) forth result: news story about the lawsuit.
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    GameStop Sales Down, But Digital Skyrockets

    I know gamestop owns impulse. if they were smart they would market the hell out of it in there stores. Gamestop has a huge amount of weight to throw around and they could get alot of people into pc gaming through digital distribution and special offers. also I dont get the whole gamestop...
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    European Wiis Won't Be Backwards Compatible Much Longer

    what if they are secretly WIIU systems and nintendo is going to announce that if you have the cheap wii you only need a software update and a controller to make your system a wiiU. probably not likely at all, but it would be awesome if it was.
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    reccemend a good tv show

    not fantasy at all but, "party down" Im sure youve seen the office before so imagine that show back when it was good except imagine that it was on stars so they could go absolutely insane and over the top with there story lines. also you didnt mention this specifically so, the new season of...
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    losing my virginity and how i feel used

    i had nearly the exact experience. protip: dont fuck your friends. protip 2: it will get better. Might not all shake out how you want but it will get better.
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    Poll: what ds game should I buy?

    what makes you say that? its gotten pretty favorable reviews.
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    Poll: what ds game should I buy?

    Im considering buying one of these games. a few points worth mentioning: ive never played a harvest moon game before, but I did enjoy animal crossings ds. Im bored to death with rpg games but thats all I have left to play on the ds, so if one of these games is super non traditional that...
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    Amazon versus Gamestop: Which to use?

    buy it at walmart, or target, or Kmart if you have one of those. if my gamestop is sold out of something I go to walmart and they always have it.