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    Games with player-input dialogue (not dialogue trees)?

    I am trying to find games that have experimented with NPCs you can directly communicate with instead of being forced to choose between dialogue options. So far, the only game of this type I have found is Façade, where it's implemented so poorly as to be unintentionally hilarious (One of the...
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    Poll: Games in development that are potential candidates for greatest game of all time

    I.E the extreme hype train thread. Personally, I think that The Witcher 3 is the best candidate for the following reasons: * Proven developers that can clearly handle the scale of this project * Impressive-looking combat mechanics with a wide variety of options available * Ridiculously...
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    The Case For Grinding in RPGs

    I find grinding to be entertaining in itself only if the difficulty level is suitably challenging for it to force me to concentrate on what I am doing. Lots of games just make the grind boring by making it too easy. Games that do grinding well give you options to make it more difficult for a...
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    No more dystopia!

    Dystopian fiction has increasingly, since the 60's, become the cool thing to write. This isn't a good trend. In the broad sense Dystopia can include fantasy settings or even historic settings, but I am going to stick to settings that are implied or strictly stated to be in the future...
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    Jimquisition: Revivify The Cold Vitae

    I am not sure if the Vita is going to be able to compete just by having a ton of PS1 and PSP ports. If they did it fully in 2012, it would have worked, but now is too late. Mid-end androids can emulate PS1 flawlessly and High-end androids can emulate PSP at a playable state for many games...
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    Biggest Difficulty Spike You Have Ever Experienced

    The Khezu in MHF2/MHFU. Let me explain. All previous opponents you have to fight are reasonable challenges. They can kill you if you make 2 severe mistakes in a row, but otherwise, you have enough healing potions to recover between mistakes, so they are quite manageable. Everything is going...
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    Ubisoft: "It's Not True That We Don't Care About PC Optimization"

    That's just the new submarine mode.
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    Worst Game/Console Title

    All the way back on the Atari 2600. This title is just absurd, but at least it's fitting for the 80s. Wikipedia says "The communist mutant armies are controlled by the Mother Creature, a strange alien who has gone mad due to irradiated vodka."
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    Recommend me a game to get invested in?

    I would recommend TerraFirmaCraft over Technic/FTB because while those packs mostly extend the endgame so far out that it makes the game even easier, TerraFirmaCraft provides a greater challenge all the way through the game and makes even a single metal tool an accomplishment.
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    Soft drink is the worst possible thing to be drinking

    Quite sure Botulism toxin would still be worse to drink.
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    Take-Two Financials: Everything's Coming Up (Digital) Roses

    I think they could get another expansion out of Civ 5 yet.
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    Poll: Would you take a pill that makes you bisexual?

    This pill would have no effect on me since i'm already bi. For some people, this 'pill' already exists. It's called excessive alcohol.
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    Japanese Version of GTA V Censors Violence And Sex Scenes

    It is, however, an industry of very small studios that will do fine from 10,000 sales in obscure web-based or specialist stores. GTAV is something that needs to be sold in more mainstream stores to return a profit. Self-censoring it is likely the requirement for that.
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    Jimquisition: Sexual Failing

    It's quite obvious that bioware is trying to recreate the gradual progression (or escallation) that many relationships follow. However, it falls flat because it's simply a repeated sequence of doing the right thing. How do you fix this with current hardware? Do we require the player to, at...
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    What would gay porn filmed by and for women look like?

    Unfortunately, it's not always joke. There are lesbians that will refuse to date those who are not gold star, including refusing to date bisexuals.