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    Nintendo Triumphs Over Two Patent Trolls

    Imo, there should be some kind of timer or something on how long you can wait before it's been too long to claim a patent violation. Like a couple years or so. After all, it's not like this was a hidden device that snuck through between the cracks. If it were legitimate, they would've called out...
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    Super Smash Bros. Director May Not Make Another Game in Series

    I remember he said this right after Brawl came out, and I'm pretty sure he said it before that as well.
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    Game Theory: Wii U is the New Virtual Boy

    And this is the issue with posting all the old videos months after they were originally posted on Youtube. Although most of his other videos have been pretty fine up till now, this one is a tad dated. For those that don't know, he made this video about 9 months ago, before games like Mario Kart...
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    Zero Punctuation: Sunset Overdrive - Trying Too Hard?

    Yeah this game just feels clunky to me. The controls don't feel nearly as smooth as they should given the movement mechanics, and yeah it doesn't take long for it's 'style' to wear down. I dunno, maybe I'm spoiled by games like Bayonetta 2 and Shadow of Mordor that have smooth gameplay and solid...
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    Indie Dev Threatens to Kill Gabe Newell, Valve Pulls His Game From Steam

    Yeah, um... formal complaint much? I feel like this could've been resolved in less than 24 hours if he had simply just sent in a note to Valve, and posted on Twitter an explanation of events to explain that the game wasn't really on early access anymore. But no, he had to blow up at them and...
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    Hasbro Sets My Little Pony Movie For 2017

    Now that I've got initial discussion out of the way, time to start theorizing about the movie! Okay, so if I had to pick a theme for the movie, I'd like to see more about the past of Equestria. I want to see the story about Starswirl the Bearded and/or a young Celestia and Luna. Hell, they...
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    Hasbro Sets My Little Pony Movie For 2017

    Keep in mind that Star Trek the motion picture didn't come until 10 years after the original series was canceled. And TOS was canceled due to low viewership rating! MLP is the Hub's (or whatever it's called now) biggest show right now, and even if the fandom does start to die out in the next...
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    Hasbro Sets My Little Pony Movie For 2017

    I like how Equestria Girls 2 just came out to nobody caring about it at all, and then even hinting at a proper pony movie explodes all over the internet overnight. It's almost like making a movie that actually is relevant to the show in some way is a better idea than ripping off your own popular...
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    Rainbow Brite Reboot Revealed in First Trailer

    This is just going to be exactly like the Care Bears reboot where they said the exact same things about hoping to attract more people to the show the same way My Little Pony did. People don't seem to understand that MLP didn't become popular because it's suddenly cool to like girly shows. MLP...
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    Buying a Kinect Sensor Separate from Xbox One Costs You $150

    If nobody wanted the damned thing for $100, why would people want it for $150?! I kinda get that they probably want to make the bundle look like a deal, but you can't do that retroactively like this. If people didn't want it before, how is learning that they could sell it for far more going...
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    Would you buy a Walkman that functions like a modern music player but looks like the TPS-L2?

    How about an iphone case designed to look like a walkman that clips to your belt and lets you put in your phone in it like a cassette?
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    Damnit Nickelodeon! What are you doing to Korra?

    Yeah, not only did they not advertise the new season until only a week before the first episode aired, but they also didn't put the episodes up online on their website like they had been for the last 2 seasons. I know that everyone on my campus primarily watched Korra the day after on Nick...
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    Has Pokemon jumped the shark?

    I personally was getting tired of Pokemon by Black and White. Even playing through the Gold/Silver remake was hard for me, and I didn't even finish Black or Black 2. However, Pokemon X did something that revitalize the series for me. I have no idea what that actually was, but I started really...
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    Isn't every Zelda technically 'open world'?

    Yeah I don't get how people are saying the original LoZ isn't open world just because of loading screens. By that logic if a game let me walk around New york and enter every single room of every building in the city however I wanted to, but had loading screens before you could do that, it...
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    Excluding Women From E-Sports Does Not Legitimize It

    I don't really understand the idea behind segregated chess tournaments either. When it comes to physical sports, I get it. All you have to do is read that story of the top female Tennis player challenging a male tennis player ranked 200th or something, and losing... while the guy was supposedly...