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    So, Oblivion might become a Movie....

    I'm against video game movies in general after watching Alone in the Dark. Done. No more video game movies. Ever.
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    Burger King Grilling Up More Xbox 360 Games

    nooooooooo! We can't get RID of them at Gamestop! They're just there, like the freaking plague... we stopped taking them in forever ago, but they're all still sitting there in bundles in the back room, mocking us >_>
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    I really think im going to cry

    That happens a lot. Just make sure you keep in touch with your friends. When I went home my parents had this kind of newfound respect for me-- I helped around the house when I chose to and often got the "leave your sister alone" line to help with my little brother. They kind of viewed me a...
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    Alpha Protocol Spy Tryouts Have Begun!

    Dude I'm so stumped on that one it's not even funny, and I'm a language/linguistics major.
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    Japanese Nier Hero was "Too Girly" for Americans

    Well then, I need to locate the Japanese version of the game. I would rather have a character that I can kind-of identify with: a huge old man isn't one I can really identify with as a woman. The androgynous male, however, is a little easier-- at least we'd be about the same size irl, lol.
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    Genuinely Terrified

    Can't play any Fatal Frame game by myself, even with the lights on, to this day. Movies I'm fine with, for some reason. Actually being involved in the story like I am in Fatal Frame scares the piss out of me. I'm hesitant to try Alan Wake because of it, lol
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    Video converters?

    I use AnyVideo. It's free and converts anything to anything. I put together a trailer/ad thing (like Gamestop TV) for the gaming cafe where I work, and that thing was my best friend.
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    Another new question to the girls here...

    This, I think, is the best answer so far. Emotionally sensitive gets confused with needy/clingy. If you're having issues where they call you emotional and too sensitive, take a step back and examine your own actions instead of blaming her for upsetting you. And spelling. Spelling properly is...
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    Videogame Haiku Will Soothe Your Soul

    This. Is awesome. For just pulling that out of nowhere, you got a pretty good giggle out of me.
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    Poll: Do you match the gamer stereotype; are you lonely or not?(for girls only)

    I live with my boyfriend, where our general argument is who gets my computer for the day, because he wants the Starcraft 2 beta and I want to play something else on it. I work for GameStop and also manage a small gaming lounge on our university campus, and I'm not a hideous shut-in. So I guess I...
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    Applying for GameStop

    We're actually forbidden to talk about the company in any way per the employee handbook >.< But in my 3+ years there, I generally only get 1-2 shifts a week, inconsistently scheduled because the company gives a different amount of hours to each store each week. It's really not reliable for a...
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    You know you have done to much work when...

    Yeah no, not quite. I do, however, read so much that when I close my eyes all I see is Times New Roman font. Like how you see DDR arrows when you play that for too long? Yeah, with words. The trouble is that I try to read them and can't fall asleep because I'm too focused on trying to read...
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    Those wierd snacks you like to make...

    My mother does that. The rest of my family (my brother, mother, and father-- I'M the oddball in this) put peanut butter on their grilled cheese sandwiches. Dad and I eat peanut butter bread for breakfast. Mom puts it on her oreos. We are a peanut-butter crazy family.
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    Are you really that stupid?

    I always see "peripheral" spelled or used incorrectly. Another one that gets me is "council" instead of "console." It's a video game console, not a group of video games that meets to discuss issues. And yeah, I avoid YouTube. I'm not a genius by any stretch, but I know that the more time I...
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    Games that were surprisingly moving.

    Lost Odyssey.