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    So Just How Much DLC Does Evolve Have at Launch? $100 Worth

    You are right in the sense that yes, they explained their model up front and said what their plan for DLC for the game was going to be. That does take effort and I give them kudos for that. But if I, or anyone else, disagree with said practice telling me about it beforehand does not grant them a...
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    So Just How Much DLC Does Evolve Have at Launch? $100 Worth

    It isn't free to play. That's why Evolve is seen as wrong for having so much cosmetic DLC and TF2 is just fine. TF2 is a completely functional, free to play game with quite a bit of content. The cosmetic items are purchasable if you'd like. Something TF2 does differently, and better I must say...
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    Sony Cancels The Interview Over Hacking Threat - Update

    What exactly are you basing the scale of this cyber attack from? What source or sources is saying this is one of the largest? You need scale and sources here. Anyways, I for one find this entirely a cowardly move, and like others have mentioned in the same vein as the episodes of South Park...
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    Building my own computer for the first time. Could use some advice.

    Thanks! Yeah I'm not really looking to overclock. As a note I've been hearing mixed reports about how i7's are necessary yet most modest builds just use i5's. What's your take on the matter? Do you need quad core i7's to play the most recent games or are they more for advanced uses?
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    Building my own computer for the first time. Could use some advice.

    Hello all! I'll cut right to the chase: I'm a bit stuck at the moment while building my own computer. On the one hand I have a friend that I used to work with that was planning on selling me some of his old computer parts. For $300 he was offering to sell me the following: Asus P6T v2...
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    What's your most horrifying accidental game moment? *Potential Spoilers within*

    Title is a bit confusing, I'll admit, but I can't think of a better way to explain it in one line. Basically, what was the most horrifying thing you've ever done in a video game on accident; either due to pushing a wrong button, having an unclear dialogue choice, or some other scenario...
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    Recommend me a game (Looking for something specific)

    I second this. If you are looking for a fast paced action game on the newest generation of consoles, you can't go wrong with Vanquish.
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    if you could erase ONE game from your memory to play it for the first time again...

    Final Fantasy 9, hands down. I remember the feeling I got from playing it for the first time as a kid. Spreading that 50 hour game over about a month and experiencing everything it had to offer again would just be magical. Final Fantasy 7 can take a backseat with it's angsty characters and...
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    Character you love that everyone else hates

    Kirby (specifically in Smash Brothers) He gets a lot of flak for being really "kiddy" and his games being too easy, but they are among some of the most fun games I've ever played in my 20 years of gaming. Great stress relievers. And my friends HATE when I play him in any smash bros game...
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    Retail jobs: the dumbest customer question you've been asked?

    When I was in high school, I worked at a convenience store that doubled as a sub shop. Plenty of dumb questions and requests, but none topped this guy. It started off simple enough; all he wanted way to buy a bag of pretzels. A decent sized bag, probably about 3 bucks worth, one you might...
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    Second date help!

    Ah, maybe I should clarify this. We did meet on a dating site; not sure how many of you are aware of the site OkCupid, but that would be where we met. I've noticed that my ideals don't seem to line up with the mentality of advice forums on dating sites and sites like AskMen (hence why I do a...
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    Second date help!

    Haha, once again I find myself here asking for advice. I don't want to spam the message boards, but I'm just very... anxious about this dating procedure. I'm confident in person, but all these "games" and "rules" and what not... just so confusing and frustrating some times! Anyways... I need...
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    Poll: How do you start off a first date?

    Haha, noooooooooooope. I actually tried giving her a call to cancel, but her V-mail was full so I had to send her a message through the site we used to meet in the first place; not my ideal way of saying I was busy that weekend, but to be fair I did text her the truncated version of the message...
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    Game's that you could 'lose'

    In Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door, you can join forces with the final boss. She just straight up is impressed that you made it that far and asks you if you want to join her. If you do, you basically doom the world, and the screen just goes to a game over screen.