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    Zero Punctuation: Hellblade

    You are familar with the conditional 'would'? Yes? Rarely my wishes come true - for the better of everybody, LOL. Ninja had all the respect but decided to cause a controversal in their audience, for the sake of a pointless...
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    Zero Punctuation: Hellblade

    How Ninja pulled their "delete savegame"-PR-stunt makes we wish people would just torrent the shit out of them, just to show them 'if you mess with us, we mess with you'. Of course I don't condone piracy, so I watch a Let's Play instead, if at all, since gameplay-wise there seems not much...
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    Fallout 4 Getting a Game of the Year Edition in September

    Yeah, Far Harbor and Automatron are good but the rest of the DLC is like for the people who actually don't want to play Fallout 4 but SimCity.
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    Ninja Theory's Hellblade Deletes Your Save if You Die Too Many Times

    "If you die too much Hellblade deletes your save file. It's not an optional mode. It's an outdated, stupid waste of everyone's time.? John Bain (@Totalbiscuit)" This! If they had made permadeath optional, I would have bought it on release / full price (after some reviews), despite the...
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    Zero Punctuation: Vanquish

    Yes, totally overrated game. Did not interest me back then and even less now. A Game-Mechanics is NOT a game.
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    Metal Gear Survive Delayed to Early 2018

    They can stuff it where the sun don't shine. After making you PAY real money so that your home base is not raided while you are offline, I whish this company nothing but bankruptcy.
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    7 Ways Assassin's Creed Origins Is Changing For The Better

    #7: since when have Boss battle been a good thing? Heck one of the most things I enjoyed in ALL Assassin's Creed game was that they DON'T have any frakking boss battles, damnit.
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    Bioware's New IP is Shared-World Action-RPG Anthem

    "The long-awaited new Bioware IP has been revealed" long-awaited..., I haven't been waiting for something from BW since ME3. And that ME Andromeda ia already 50% off in the current EA sales on Origin, speaks volumes. and this one does not rub me one bit either, Titanfall 2 on the other...
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    New Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Trailer Shows Off More Story

    Ok, It's about a ring - I got that much from the trailer... what I got from teh other trailers is a a rather simplisitc gameplay, not much SoM like.
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    Meet Three of Far Cry 5's Resistance Members in these Character Trailers

    Make Far Cry great again!-Edition ...first FC im a skipping.
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    Outlast 2 Has Basically Been Banned in Australia

    thankfully we live in times of GOG and VPN, too.
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda Features More Than 1,200 Speaking Characters

    According to the first 10 hour impression by RPS, none of them has anything to say.
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    Bioware's Aaryn Flynn Says "Softcore Space Porn" Comments gave "Wrong Impression" of Andromeda

    "convey the sarcasm" There was a reason the internet invented smilies that simulate the voice articulation for such occasions... :-/ MassCum Andromance
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    Valve Announces Winners for the First Steam Awards

    That was the most "unimaginative, blandly shoving it right in you face and pointless"-awards I ever saw. An most voters did not even seem to get their grasp on the categories right. At least I got some money out of it by selling the stupid trading-cards.
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    Super Mario Run Cannot be Played Offline

    Just when you thought Nintendo you could like Nintendo again, they pull off the next shit. Not that I ever cared about Mario in my life. "most" is a bit relative. If you count the tons of F2P cash-grapping Clickers & MMOBA crap to contribute anything to 'gaming culture', then yes. On the...