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    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Everyone knows that "Unpopular Opinion" threads are for stating opinions that have become downright cliche while pretending like we're cool by being counter-cultural. My unpopular opinions: I think slavery is wrong. Hammers aren't tasty. Puppies are cute.
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    Microsoft Grabs Rise of the Tomb Raider in Xbox Exclusive - Update

    Nintendo or Sony gets an exclusive: "Good job! That's another reason to buy your console!" MS gets an exclusive: "What? How dare they! I'll show them by refusing to buy their console!" You can always rely on the Escapist for an absurd level of anti-MS bias. Given Squeenix's financials...
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    World Health Organization: Latest Ebola Outbreak Moving Too Fast to Control

    The Black Death didn't have a 33% mortality rate. The Black Death killed 30-60% of Europe's population. Its mortality rate was near 100%. Nowadays it's much lower due to better medial care, but back then it was basically a death sentence. As for Ebola: its spread is mostly being enabled by...
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    Microsoft Shuts Down Xbox Entertainment Studios, Xbox Originals

    Can't say I'm shocked. Just wasn't any synergy there. Why produce content that's heavily promotional in nature and they only make it available to people who own an Xbox and subscribe to Live? Was any of this content really going to sell Xboxes or Live subscriptions? I get that Netflix has...
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    Thor Is Getting Gender-Flipped. Officially.

    False. The ability to smell crap without sticking your nose in it is a must-have skill. The entire point of releasing information about a story ahead of time is so that people will form an opinion on it. The marketer hopes that it is a positive one, but they've got no right to demand that it is...
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    BioWare Launches Survey to Help Direct Mass Effect 4

    Is "Fire David Gaider and Mike Laidlaw" an option? I'm still wondering what happened between Bioware's embarrassingly conceited response to ME3 criticism and their new "People liked Skyrim! Let's do Skyrim stuff!" attitude.
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    Thor Is Getting Gender-Flipped. Officially.

    Except that people *DO* have problems with the story and writing, but asshole creators and their defenders ignore it and strawman it into being racist/sexist/homophobic/ablist/triggering/whatever-the-hell-you-call-people-who-don't-take-otherkin-seriously. You know what other creative medium...
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    Poll: Gaming blues: what's the point in buying the new consoles anymore?

    The 360 is old. Hell, it doesn't even have a Blu-ray drive. When you can release a new console with an order of magnitude more processing power, the old console is old. Whether or not you're using the same phone as you were seven years ago really isn't relevant. The rest of the world is...
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    Poll: Gaming blues: what's the point in buying the new consoles anymore?

    Every year? You mean every seven years? Those are two very different numbers. And no, the console generations don't need to be any longer. At least the last one didn't need to be. The 360 and PS3 are old-ass tech. Only having 512MB of combined system and video memory was holding games back...
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    In defense of the paid WoW level boost.

    I find this entire argument silly, because why are you playing a game that you don't have time to play? Why pay for a game and then pay to not play it? Why don't you just not play it at all? For me, paying to get a character boosted to 90 is a sign that the game is designed more around...
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    EA: Dungeon Keeper Failed by "Innovating Too Much"

    I love how the most creatively bankrupt bunch of people in the industry keep accusing gamers of not being able to handle their awesome levels of innovation.
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    The Video Game Industry is Going Through Very Awkward Growing Pains

    I think one thing that needs to eventually come around is the elimination of the need for a game needing to be done in 2-4 years. Historically, technology has moved too fast for a game to be on the burner for 10 years. But, when that stops mattering so much, it might be that such a long...
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    Save Scumming and You

    Save-scumming is the result of a failure of design. A properly designed challenge should be balanced and tested by the designer. The designer should be setting the conditions surrounding that challenged. "This is a room with enemies. Kill the enemies in the room without dying" "This is...
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    Are Cover Mechanics Pointless?

    The problem isn't that cover systems are useless- they're extremely useful. The problem is that the current standard TPS model is kind of crap. Gears of War did it right, and looking at that game you can see why it was important. Gears of War made player movement crucial- enemies were...
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    Why Don't Consoles Have Performance Settings Like PCs?

    If you're going to offer multiple graphics settings, then you need to test and optimize for multiple graphics settings, and you need a more complex system in place so that both can be supported. On consoles, where the game is designed to run at the very limits of the machine, I'm not...