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    Favorite horror game (and why)?

    I actually never managed to finish System Shock 2. It was one of those games that I tried to play when I was far too young, and couldn't cope with the very oppressing atmosphere. I should take another look at it when I have the chance. The Thief series also had some very scary moments, such as...
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    Favourite Orchestral Game Music (also Video Games Live 3 Kickstarter reminder)

    I can't remember specific musical pieces out of my mind, and honestly I am too tired for looking soundtracks in YouTube, so I'll just mention those games that had great soundtracks off the top of my head, -Mafia 2. -Alan Wake. -NieR. -Dark Souls. -Demon's Souls. -The Witcher. -StarCraft...
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    What point in any game/movie/show made you go: "Holy shit."

    Movies: -Old Boy: The ending reveal. -Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0 Essentially everything different they did from the original series. Games: -Half Life's Resonance Cascade. -Spec Ops The Line, when it starts becoming crazier after the White Phosphorus scene. -FEAR The first time I...
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    Ever replay a game with a different language setting?

    How can someone ninja me? I actually have 2 copies of Pathologic and The Void, one in English and one in Russian to help me learn the language I also downloaded the Russian copies as well as the English copies of the Russian Indie Humble Bundle for later.
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    Best PC Graphics to date: Top 5

    In no order, and more than 5, just cause: -The Witcher 2 -BioShock Infinite -Metro 2033 & Last Light -Crysis -Spec Ops The Line -Dishonored -The Void
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    Deadly Premonition Director's Cut Heads To Steam Greenlight

    Yes, yes , YES!!!!!!!! I have been wanting to play this game for a long time now. In fact, it was just last week when I checked if there was any hint for a PC port from the developer. I am very glad it will be appearing on my favourite platform. I hope. Yahtzee gets to review it too.
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    Poll: How was your college/uni experience?

    This is probably the most worth-while post I have read in years here in The Escapist. Thank you for taking the time to write this, I really enjoyed reading through all of it. I will be going to university next year (I believe University begins at January/February here in Australia), and I can...
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    Your favourite game moment?

    A couple of moments actually: -Spec Ops The Line: The second half of the game, particularly after the first white phosphorus strike. Truly memorable. -Half Life 1 & 2: The into sequence for obvious reasons. -Silent Hill 2: The revelation scene, the ending, the encounters with pyramid head...
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    The Bad Guys You Admire the Most

    -Heath Ledgers' Joker. I mean, he contains a charming wit, a great characterisation, good speech and a charismatic laugh. What is not to like? For me he was the actual protagonist of Dark Knight, not Batman. -Do you count the Bolsheviks/Russian Communists as evil? If so, then yeah, I love them...
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    What is/was/might be your major and minor?

    I plan to apply for the Bachelor of Music Performance degree next year here in Melbourne. Hopefully I'll be able to become a performing pianist.
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    Music you thought you wouldn't enjoy but ended up liking

    I never thought I would enjoy Hip-Hop. Then I listened to Scroobius Pip, Sage Francis, Atmosphere and Cage and I like it very much.
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    Best game you've played lately?

    Same actually, although I haven't played it for a while. I am actually playing it on an emulator, but still it is quite a lot of fun. OT: I don't really play as many games as I used to do. Now I only play on weekends, but this is what I have played and enjoyed so far: Persona 3 FES...
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    Your Top 10 Games of this Generation?

    In no specific order: 1. Dark Souls 2. The Witcher 2 3. Amnesia: The Dark Descent 4. BioShock Infinite 5. Spec Ops The Line 6. The Orange Box 7. The Void 8. Thomas Was Alone 9. Metro 2033 10. Team Fortress 2
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    Favorite cast of characters

    I can't pick only one. Books.- The Bartimaeus Trilogy. Seriously, I loved evey single character. Masterfully crafted. Films.- I really loved the cast of Amadeus, Let The Right One In, All About Lily Chou-Chou, City of God, Old Boy, Sympathy for Lady Vengance, Amores Perros, Corpse Bride and...
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    Dark Souls 2 PC Version Won't Be Half-Assed

    Good to see this will happen. Apparently the PC version sold 300,000 retail copies on PC (no word on digital copies), so I hope they'll do just as good if not even better. I am glad I bought Dark Souls on PC. I really wanted to see DkS2 on PC, so I saved quite a lot of money for the game (70...