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    Which is better,which is overrated. Bioshock infinite vs the last of us

    Given that they've been compared so often as of late, I think this is the best way to compare them. Infinite's got lots of cool interesting ideas, between the plot, setting, and characters, while The Last of Us is more of a very polished and purposeful experience. I'm the kind of person...
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    How common are electric kettles where you are?

    They seem really popular in Canada. I have an electric kettle which I use at least 3 or 4 times a day, both for making tea and for preheating water for cooking. But I also know a couple people (generally those who don't drink tea) who don't have an electric kettle, and some don't even have...
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    Poll: Finally geting a new laptop - Mac or PC?

    Macs are really good computers; I'd say the value you get from a Macbook Pro is comparable to what you'd get from a good PC of similar specs. However, if you don't need the power of a Macbook pro (gaming, video/audio editing, other computationally intensive tasks), don't get one! You could...
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    Crimea's Attorney-General Inspires Anime-Style Fan-Art

    Interesting. I was all for the "this is inappropriate" tag, but this is a different take on it. I'm still a little uncomfortable that this person, who's clearly put in a lot of work to get the position she's in, is only becoming known in these circles because of the way she looks. I guess...
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    Bear Simulator Will Be a Bear-Centric "mini-Skyrim"

    I agree; the thought is simply grizzly.
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    Ground Zeroes Gets Intelligence Right

    This actually sounds promising. The two things that have always disappointed me with MGS games is the level of ridiculousness, and the fact that they punish you too little for being spotted. I don't think I'm going to be shelling out $30 for Ground Zeroes, but if The Phantom Pain is anything...
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    Getting More Women to Work in Games Is Easy

    Perhaps there is a "lack of interest" from females because they've grown up being expected to not find technology interesting, or not like or play video games, or play with dolls instead of playing with computers? I think this socialization is a lot more damaging than just a lack of...
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    Am I overreacting?

    Yeah I have to agree with this, it wouldn't be the violence so much that worries me as all the sexism and other questionable values (whether they're displayed ironically or not) that a kid might pick up on if they're not mature. Especially at 11; I might trust a 13 year old with GTA, but...
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    Jimquisition: The Adblock Episode

    Thanks Jim. I've never disabled my adblock for any site, and I always try to compensate by supporting producers more directly. You've convinced me to finally get a publisher's club membership. So congrats, I guess. And good video, as usual.
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    This Coffee Maker Has DRM to Lock Out Competitor's Refills - Update

    This honestly sounds like something out of an Onion article. I've always found those pod coffee machines to be ridiculous (Canadian, for reference), the amount of silliness here seems to be at the level of self-parody. Can anyone owning explain to me what the benefit is from owning one of...
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    Sniper Elite 3 Unveils Ridiculously Graphic "X-Ray Killcam"

    Actually, they're going to put so much detail into the brain that he will achieve sentience. The slow-motion bullet effect will be secondary in the glee you will get out of hearing your console scream softly. But actually, though. This strikes me as extremely silly, if not a tad psychotic...
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    Games you love but nobody you know has heard of them.

    Not really an old childhood game or anything, but I really love El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. The story's great, visual design is wonderful, and I think the gameplay is actually nice and tight, in the system of countering and stealing enemies' weapons. But none of my friends have...
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    US To Require Cars to Communicate With Each Other

    Because I totally didn't account for any of those factors when I said "Europe's road traffic fatality rate is only about 60% that of the US". And a good rule of thumb is that people are stupid; bad drivers will figure out how to pass driving tests. Drivers who have passed their tests may...
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    US To Require Cars to Communicate With Each Other

    But when you live in a country where most cities do not have adequate transit systems to move their people, I think it is reasonable to (at least for the medium-term while America gets its public transit systems together) legislate in a system which literally has almost zero downsides. And...
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    US To Require Cars to Communicate With Each Other

    If I understand correctly, most new cars actually have very similar systems. And yeah, the point of it is that it's legislation. States will have to pay for it in the same way they have to pay for seatbelts or airbags (i.e. they won't.) Yeah, because I'm sure all those people who are dangerous...