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    Jimquisition: Let's End the FPS Sausage-fest

    Hell, if you really wanted to save money on a female character model, do the following: make all the male characters less muscle bound, and have the female one use their model. Then you can have it be a plot point that she's concerned about her weight. Boom! Now you have a female character, and...
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    The Big Picture: Worlds Within Worlds

    Of course all of this could easily be moot since there's no definitive proof saying whatever shows crossed over with this show didn't exist outside Tommy's head. After all, not even autistic children live in a cultural vacuum. It could just be that, in his imaginings, Tommy included some TV...
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    Jimquisition: I Hate Videogames (Because I Love Them)

    It's the same for me with comic books. I love them, which is WHY I criticize and call out the crap. We have a medium for telling great stories, yet we get bogged down in overblown events, stories that erase decades of continuity, the exploitation of great creators, and seeming to need to reboot...
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    Zero Punctuation: Inversion

    It's so disappointing when a story takes a good concept and doesn't take it to ALL its logical conclusions. Why does every story with telekinesis just have people lifting heavy things or people? Why not use it to pinch a person's nerves, thereby paralyzing them with pain? The best works are...
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    Square Enix Finally Confirms PC Final Fantasy VII

    Seems kind of cheap to just be able to click and max a stat or gil. Then again, if Square Enix is smart, it'll make that feature DLC. So it wouldn't exactly be cheap then, huh?
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    The Great Resident Evil 2 Coverup

    Ada's fate at at RE2's end was more ambigious than anything. It's a classic Disney Death, lost by falling down a pit and never seen again. We don't really know what happened after Leon let go. Which is probably how we're supposed to reconcile her appearance in RE4. She just found a way to avoid...
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    Jimquisition: Rape vs. Murder

    And now to reiterate a point in the video Jim talked about but I feel needs to be repeated. Don't rape. Just don't do it. It's not cool, bro. Don't rape people. DO NOT RAPE. Okay?
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    Green Lantern is Gay

    That's right I forgot! Pied Piper and that detective are gay! It completely slipped my mind! And hell, there's some tension in there, with one character being afraid of the social fallout should his relationship with the other come to light. So why did Alan Scott need to be hit with the queering...
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    Green Lantern is Gay

    Damnit DC! One of the characters I totally wanted back, and you make him gay! Grumble grumble. Let's be clear, I don't hate gay people. But I don't like homosexuality as a lifestyle for a number of reasons I won't bore anyone with. So I'm just a little irked by this choice, especially given...
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    Hitman: Plan B

    I was thinking about where the Hitman series seems to stand when it comes to violence. And I've come to this conclusion. While most series attempt to trivialize violence and murder as an everyday thing, the Hitman series is all about assassination. By the very nature of the profession portrayed...
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    The Big Picture: Rock of Ages

    So in addition to there being an existing monster family in Flintstone continuity, there were also no less than two versions of the Frankenstones that interacted with the Flintstones. Ever think Fred was really confused by that? "Hey, haven't I met you before?" "Nope." "No no no, I know...
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    What Ethnic Group Will Replace Nazis?

    I like how the groups most people target in this forum are either: 1) groups they happen to dislike, often for petty reasons, or 2) groups that couldn't or wouldn't go to the trouble of being the next Nazis. Or both. I liked that alternate history Romans idea, though. As well as the idea of...
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    Escape to the Movies: Men in Black 3

    If anyone still has a hunger for more MIB, I suggest watching the old animated series. It basically takes the core concept of the setting and runs with it. And it came out after the first movie, so it has none of the baggage the two sequels have. Men In Black: The Animated Series is currently...
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    The Big Picture: Last Starr

    So with Filmation not existing anymore and no one making anything related to it, who owns the rights to Brave Star? Or after so many years of obscurity, is the property in the public domain? I want to see a revival of this character. Preferably in comic book form!
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    Erin Stout, Therapist

    Well you know what they say about lifelong gamers. Doesn't matter what the objective quality is of a game, system, or franchise, if they grew up with it, it must be perfect. Same thing with a lot of media actually. Not to step on anyone's toes, but was Transformers really all that great a...