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    Stupid Stuff You've Done

    When I first joined the Navy as we were pulling into Japan they told us repeatedly "don't cause an international incident" because of the Marines are always getting into trouble. Well I got pretty nicely drunk and started asking the locals "if they would like to have an international incident...
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    Biden says he does not regret Afghanistan withdrawal as Taliban take over more towns

    For the people talking about lack of plan, I just want to point this out. The current plan was all US personal and the people we wanted to save were leaving by August 31st. The government was planned to have lasted around 90 days before they reached a stalemate. What we didn't plan on was the...
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    Do you think it's unethical to play a game you already own, from a company that is shitty?

    This reminds of the people that destroy the coolers, shoes, and consoles (etc) when a company does something as some sort of protest. If you bought the product already enjoy it, company already has your money.
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    Escapists with little ones/shorties/childern, What games would you recommend for teaching a small kid how to learn to play?

    Also Mario Maker has been a lot of fun for my son as well (he doesn't go online) but he enjoys making levels and running them.
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    Escapists with little ones/shorties/childern, What games would you recommend for teaching a small kid how to learn to play?

    My son (now 8) started playing Minecraft when he was 4. As he grew up we let him play games like Poly Bridge, Turbo Dismount, and Tracks. He now plays Teardown, Brickrigs, BeamNG, Cooking Simulator, Farming Simulator, and Car Mechanic. I just show him the controls and let him go, and as long...
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    What does Next Gen need to Sell you?

    The rule my wife and I go with is there has to be 5 games on it that we want and we can't get elsewhere. The only reason I even bothered getting a PS4 was because I found one at a garage sale for $60, the only games it has that I wanted to play were Spiderman, Horizon, and Final Fantasy 7 (and I...
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    Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance re-release in 4K on modern consoles 5/7

    My wife and I replay the games (1 and 2) every year, so we are looking forward to it. Hopefully the 2nd one comes out as well.
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    Daunte Wright Accidental Shooting

    These "accidental" draws are always interesting to me (bit of backstory I was a military auxiliary security officer for the Navy) because we were trained to have our belts setup from least deadly to most. On our right side is spray, taser, firearm that way you have to make the conscious decision...
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    State of Decay

    I've beaten it a few times on xbox, it is a fine game that runs pretty well now a days and the issues at launch have been fixed. The whole game is just clearing out the blood plague and moving on to the next area. If your interested you can try it on game pass for the pc.
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    Egypt's First Woman Ship Captain Marwa Elselehdar Blamed For Suez Canal Blockage Despite Not Being On Boat

    Just to answer the question of having a pilot come on board. Yes whenever you are traveling though certain places you will have a local come on board to steer the ship for you. While in the Navy we always had to use a pilot whenever pulling into Hawaii because of how hard in it is to do. On a...
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    Mass Effect Remaster is happening

    My 360 collection copy is backwards compatible, the only way I would get it if it came to Switch, but EA hates Nintendo.
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    The Ubisoft Dilema

    Remember you are always better off when you don't know how the sausage gets made.
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    Legacy Users - Get Your Badge Here
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    How much do you spend on games every month?

    $60 for console/PC $15 for sub to star wars $15 for game pass $20 for mobile Per month My wife has the same budget
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    Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning.

    My wife loves the game and replays it often, she preorded the special edition the day it was announced.