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    How far have you gotten in FTL

    I've completed 8 runs, one on normal, only things left to unlock are the mantis and crystal ships. Ion weapons/ boarding team/ cloak are my best friends, not that I've been able to find ion weapons in a decent number of playthroughs, doesn't do to make plans too early, chances of getting the...
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    are there any video game villains you find oddly relatable

    Raz Al Ghul, Arkham city, couldn't help feeling that he had things fairly well figured out.
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    "This game would have been so much better if only it had a different soundtrack"

    Star Wolves, the combat music made me want to stay away from enemies, which doesn't do much for the gameplay.
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    How much is your Steam account worth?

    $2891 though I'd say I bought a good few on special offer, but still. Started in 2004 with half-life, generally buy all sorts these days, big releases, small developers, indie titles.
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    The Second Escapist Community?s Top 100 Games [Voting Closed]

    Beyond Good and Evil Prince of Persia: Sands of Time The Witcher Team Fortress 2 Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic
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    Most difficult challenge you have set yourself in a video game?

    Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy only using equipment seen in the first movie, also restricted the number of officers in my squad to a sensible number. Did not finish, can't actually remember how far I got.
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    Poll: The Best Effects In Movies?

    Big Impressive effects often begin to look dated after a while, I think the subtler ones can stand the test of time more.
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    Poll: Your fave gaming genre, RPG, Action adventure etc, etc.

    RPG, I guess I prefer longer games, as long as they stay fun for the whole length.
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    Poll: Would anyone pay for Call of Duty if it had a subscription model?

    I like to play CoD a bit but not enough to pay for it like that.
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    Poll: Why are game characters never given the ability to be left handed?

    I'm sure I have played a shooter where you can change your characters hand, can't for the life of me remember what it was though.
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    What's your favorite Strategy Game Unit quote? :)

    Cant believe nobodies had: Ey' you, CATCH! Warcraft3 dwarven mortar team.
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    Across all genres, which is your favorite World War II game?

    Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30, I was stunned when I first played that game and still go back to it today.
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    Poll: How many people have actually read The Lord of the Rings?

    I think you have to read all his works to get a full appreciation of what he created, it makes most subsequent fantasy seem rather shallow by comparison, even some of the good stuff.
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    Which platform has your favourite lineup for this year and the next?

    Games I'm most looking forward to, or was are: Shogun 2 Dawn of War Retribution Skyrim Witcher 2 Trine 2 Jurassic Park SW: the Old Republic so PC for me, though some of what's coming out on PS3 makes me wish I owned one. Also did not know Stronghold 3 was on its way, have to go...
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    Trailers: Trine 2 Gameplay Trailer

    One word, squeeeeeee, ok so not really a word. New enemies, new puzzle mechanics, looks like a more dynamic world to explore, what's not to like?