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    Fight like a .... coward?

    Only been successfully robbed once, it was at least 10 on 2, and one of them had a gun. So it was pretty overkill, even without the gun pointed at me, we were completely circled in. I just gave them the money I had to get it over with. There's been a couple times I've just avoided people...
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    Poll: Dracula or Twilight?

    Good question. I'd have to say being famous doesn't really interest me, and while I'd like to be rich it isn't my top priority. So I'd personally choose to have made something known for its quality and influence, so long as I was financially secure enough to get by in life at least. I can...
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    A Nation of Racist Drunks?

    With call centers it has nothing to do with race really, its just the language specifically. It could be the whitest person in the world who had a strong Indian accent and it will piss them off the same. And if it was a brown person who they didn't have the slightest trouble understanding it...
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    Majora's Mask on the 3DS

    Basically everyone who has been following video game news for any length of time would find it safe to assume they will do so. Many people want it, and it would make them a good deal of money for a game that is already made and just needs tweaking.
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    Poll: A video demonstrating how your memories mess with you.

    I've seen many of this type of thing before, so I knew there was going to be something like that, and therefore couldn't miss it.
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    Poll: You have the ability to bring back one of these two great cartoons, which do you choose?

    I'd have to say Samurai Jack, moooostly because I haven't ever watched Megas XLR. I only actually heard of that show a little while ago for the first time, maybe its because I'm in Canada. But Samurai Jack did air here and I watched the hell out of that. I loved it, one of my favourite...
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    Anyone noticed Youtube has changed yet?

    Youtube changes something like once a month at least, usually doesn't improve anything at all and just confuses and annoys people for a little bit. Then we all get used to it and move on.
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    Poll: Where graphics matter to you (if they matter at all)

    I agree that its the visual aesthetics I judge it on, things can look good without being technologically advanced and needing high powered hardware. Super Mario World's visuals aged better than Super Mario 64, so the style they choose is more important than how much money they spend. To me...
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    Gamers have terrible taste in music.

    Eh I've never encountered this stereotype before. If anything gamers generally have better than average taste in music.
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    Poll: What is it with people automatically assuming humanity is a violent race?

    We're not especially violent compared to other predators, maybe less so in general. Compared to herbivores we are, but predators will kill basically anything they think they can.
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    Poll: Sexism in Online Games

    People don't really care, your gender, race, sexuality and whatever else isn't actually what bothers anyone. If you suck at the game, or they suck and you made them feel bad, they will be mad at you. When people get mad and don't have to deal with you in person, they will say whatever they think...
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    Poll: Now that we have an Ocarina of Time remake, do you think Nintendo is working on Majora's Mask?

    Why in the hell wouldn't they? I would be reaaaally shocked if they didn't. I think I actually like MM more than OoT. Anyone who claims it was just the same thing as the game before it never played even a minute of it.
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    Poll: Best Cinema Director of the last 50 years

    FFFFFU...that's hard. I would have to say Stanley Kubrick in a director competition because I think his directing had the biggest influence on how much his movies stood out. It was just an original and awesome style. Personal favourite is Tarantino though. I just love EVERYTHING he does, but...
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    The "it exists in nature and is thus normal/acceptable behavior" argument

    Unless there really is a God who has decided upon rules we should all follow as humans, then all morals are just shit we make up for our own benefit and do not have any innate truth or justification. That's all there really is to it.
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    Stereotypes of your city/state/region/country, and are they true?

    Well I'm from Canada, and the vast majority of stereotypes don't apply to where I live at all. We do pronounce a few things the British way rather than American, but the reverse is true as well, sometimes its interchangeable. No one I have ever met says "aboot", for the most part accents in...