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    E3 2017 thread

    I really can't understand what's wrong with all the game companies. You need to be very very skilled, very very talented and very very good to enter one of these companies. An average CV is not enough. However, all these big companies act like they are being directed by most idiotic people...
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    Why are so many people here angry?

    I am not angry, I am just sad. I am disappointed that Transformers, Robocop, TMNT movies "Bay'ed" and turned to unrelated action movies. I am disappointed that X-Men movies (except First Class) were just "Hugh Jackman movies" and nothing more. I am disappointed that neither Spider-Man nor...
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    Expect 100 GB Install Size, 6 GB Patches For Star Citizen

    For one time, I am happy that I'm not living in Canadia but in Turkey. 50mbit unlimited fiber internet good to go.
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    All Female A-Force Replaces The Avengers

    Exactly. This is a total turn off for me. OK, I get it, "DIVERSITY! FEMINIST POWAH!" are the new trends today, and Publishers feels such things as necesary to "get the ratings up". But come on, at least try to draw different body types for these girls. She-Hulk, Spider-Woman, Rogue...
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    Marvel Giving Thor's Hammer New Female Friendly Inscription

    OK, so we should stop calling "ships" as "she" and start calling them "it"?
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    Teenage Male Gamers No Longer Biggest Demographic

    Your attitude is really weird snowfi, what are you trying to achieve with such manner? Errr, more importantly, WHY ARE WE STILL OBSESSED WITH REPRESENTING FEMALES IN GAMES? Look, the formula is very basic: If female demographic is getting bigger, if female demographic passed the male...
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    The Big Picture: Turtle Power - The Older, Better TMNT Movie

    The difference between old and new movies Old Movies: A human being involved in a different world New Movies: A different world being involved around a human being. You can see this in many 80s/90s kid movies. There's a premade life out there, and our kid hero discovers it. That life...
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    The Big Picture: Turtle Power - The Older, Better TMNT Movie

    I watched the original movie today (before seeing Bob made a video about it). It is still awesome today. No, more than awesome, I think it is a perfect mix between original comics and original cartoons. There is a thing... In last years, I keep hearing that "critics" keep talking about...
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    Megan Fox: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Haters Can "F*ck Off"

    You summarized today's Hollywood. If it is marketing success, then it is "fing perfect movie and no one allowed to criticize"
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    Bridesmaids Director "In Talks" For Female-Led Reboot of Ghostbusters

    Why we are such obsessed about getting "represented" in games and movies? I always prefer a good story than being represented.
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    Bridesmaids Director "In Talks" For Female-Led Reboot of Ghostbusters

    Blasphemy... OK, Will Ferrel has the fame (or the infamy) for playing in "boring" movies. However, he still has many quality and funny movies, especially Stranger Than Fiction and Anchorman. These are really good and comedic movies. Its just your prejudice against Will Ferrel... Monty...
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    Bridesmaids Director "In Talks" For Female-Led Reboot of Ghostbusters

    A Ghostbusters Extreme movie would have much more meaning than this weird spinoff reboot...
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    Poll: do you think smoking is attractive?

    I hate the smell of smoke, I don't smoke, and I hate being in a closed space with full of smokers. However, smoking seems so attractive. There are %78 "No" result, but I think most of them will still find it attractive according to the situation. Perhaps because of social conditioning...
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    Question, If Anita Sarkeesian is Right, why is Jack Thompson Wrong?

    This is true. Anita Sarkeesian is not right, she is wrong. She is just protected by some "gamer" groups, so we think that she is right... There are no (general) patriarchy or misogyny in gaming. She puts bad stories, cliches, specific games, stereotypes, genres in a same pot and mixes them...
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    Poll: Escapist: Can you drive a Manual?

    Driving Courses teach on manual gear cars. So, I've learned driving with manual. However I hate it, I always prefer automatic gears.