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    Poll: Shadowbanning/Stealth Banning; Agreeable or No?

    It should be. I was once banned from a forum and while it was in a grey area (and later undone) and I didn't feel I warranted a ban it made me sit down and look at my posts from another perspective. Something I thought I was doing well enough before, but I wasn't. It helped me be a better person...
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    Poll: Shadowbanning/Stealth Banning; Agreeable or No?

    You can't learn from a shadowban like you can a real one.
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    Paradox Says it Will Make a Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Sequel "When the Time is Right"

    Really liked both Redemption and especially Bloodlines.. Really looking forward to a sequel that isn't hamstrung by Activision. Besides rushing the staff, for example: Bloodlines release date: November 16, 2004 Half Life 2: November 16, 2004 Whoever thought that was a good...
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    Roger The Kangaroo Cut From Tekken 7 Due to Animal Activist Fears

    So letting the socio-terrorists win is your response? Way to knuckle under, ya pansies.
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    Cities: Skylines' Mass Transit DLC Arrives Next Month

    I always ended up giving up on cities once they got to a certain size, the traffic always ended up being a nightmare no matter what I tried. Read the guides, got the mods. Carefully laid out subways and bus routes didn't seem to help very much.
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    Poll: If KOTOR was to be remastered, should Bioware be in charge again?

    You mean the parasite otherwise known as Electronic Arts, right? The last games BioWare truly made themselves (for the most part) was Mass Effect and to a lesser degree Dragon Age: Origins. After that, the stink of EA clings to all subsequent titles. That being DLC, more patching required...
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    Please explain why this game mechanic is getting so popular. (salt warning)

    I completely understand the delay thing in games like Horizon. So far it has practically eliminated unintentional actions due to multiple functions being mapped to the same button, or the random nature of loot/item/etc icons on the screen during play. It's something that has legitimately irked...
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    Please explain why this game mechanic is getting so popular. (salt warning)

    I personally have yet to play any game where that is the case. Just press and hold because reasons, not a dual function button. Not saying they don't exist, but they do exist where it's not the case and it's not needed. You don't need such safeguards on EVERY action however, which is the...
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    Please explain why this game mechanic is getting so popular. (salt warning)

    Fair point, like running in GTA4. Better but still terrible.
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    Please explain why this game mechanic is getting so popular. (salt warning)

    Needing to Press and Hold a button to do basic stuff. Tapping or pressing the button isn't good enough you have to HOLD it down. WHY? Maybe it will seem like a trivial concern to others but I have nothing but burning hatred for it. At first it was just a minor annoyance, and seem restricted...
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    Dissing Mass Effect Andromeda because it has diversity and equality

    So you see most comments coming from mouthy SJWs acting out what is essentially the modern day version of a witchhunt. Big surprise.. :/
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    Savage Ghost Recon review from Destructiod

    Wait a moment... I've logged at least 20 hours in the game so far and I've yet to encounter anything that is an instant game over for being detected. Am I fortunate to have not encountered it yet, or was that guy in the review exaggerating? This is the first Ubisoft game I've bought or...
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    Bannerlord is not dead

    Delays are better than delivering an unfinished product, so I'm all for it if the end results in a superior experience.
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    No Man's Sky Wins GDC Award, But No-one Was There to Accept it

    Innovation on how to like in interviews and misrepresent their product maybe. They don't deserve it, no matter what else they accomplished.
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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Getting a Second Story DLC Next Month

    Don't really care for this stand alone stuff.. I want to see more of the main story as we know it. Why not spend the time to enhance the main experience?