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    Hardest Moral Choice you had to make in a game?

    Dragon Age 2, Act 1 Finale. I just sat there contemplating whether or not to bring Bethany along for the expedition. She'd been a vial portion of my party construction, and taking her with me would have greatly increased my odds of survival. On the other hand, she's my sister, and it's a...
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    Federal Prosecutors Take Aim At Spam King

    That does seem a WEEEEEE bit extreme.
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    The other side

    I want to believe it's true. I find life is more interesting you to believe that some magic might be out there, just out of reach. To think that angels, demons, feyfolk, and the like MIGHT exist gives the world a little more mystique than it otherwise has. Also, it makes ghost tours into...
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    What do you think is the most unlikely counrty / place to do a war game about :D

    SWITZERLAND DECLARES GLOBAL THERMONUCLEAR WAR AGAINST IT'S ARCH NEMESIS, SWEDEN!!! No longer shall the Swiss sit idly by and some else tries to hog all their neutrality. There can only be one third party, and the Swedes aren't it!
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    Convincing my art teacher that video games are art

    And just as many professional mathematicians would nod their heads in agreement, as even mathematics can be art. Indeed mathematics form the basis of art, as the concept of beauty s reflected in formulaic mathematics through thing such as the Golden Ratio. Hell, Wikipedia has an entire article...
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    Anonymous, Antisec, Lulzsec - Cyber-terrorists?

    No one is hurt in an Anonymous attack. DDoS is in no way, shape or form comparable to an IED. There is no loss of life or collateral damage. There is however, extreme inconvenience and millions of annoyed internet consumers. Anonymous is different from Al Qaeda in that they're more peaceful...
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    Convincing my art teacher that video games are art

    I would be flattered if you did.
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    Convincing my art teacher that video games are art

    Is painting art? Is music art? Is writing art? Is story telling art? Is performance art? Does the application of code truly counteract any of these things? Games are art through simple Gestalt, if nothing else (and given the complexities a nuances of computer code, I'd go so far as to...
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    Do other countries really think ALL americans are stupid?

    I'm going to answer your question with this question: why do all Americans think every Brit is upper-class scholar-gentry? Answer: because those are the only ones they hear about. I'm English, and currently living in the US, and I have been asked more culturally ignorant than I care to count. I...
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    are games essentially useless once you have finished them?

    I'd rather replay most games after I've beaten them than re-read Game of Thrones or any of its sequels, and comparatively A Song of Ice and Fire has better composition than most games on the market. That's just my opinion though.
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    Favorite game. Ever. Period.

    Either Pokemon Emerald Version, or The Elder Scrolls V: Oblivion. They're the two games that I keep going back to. Shadow of the Colossus might have made the list, but I've lost my copy, and it might be a little too challenging for me to just pick it up and play. SoC takes commitment.
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    The Best Medicine

    I drape myself across my couch and snuggle in for some Lord of the Rings. Maybe some ramen. Definitely a snuggle with my pillow pet. Not to mention a heaping helping of medication and whining.
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    Is it a stretch to say that Gamers are *Prejudiced against eachother*? *fixed*

    I don't think racism is the right term here. It means discrimination against some one based on their ethnicity. In gaming, it tends to be more discrimination against others based on tastes and preferences. If anything, gamers are horribly elitist. But no, I don't believe racism is one of the...
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    Poll: Oh no... it, it cannot be!

    It can't be Cthulu: that'd affect Asians first because R'lyeh is in the Pacific Ocean.
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    Mining Strategies in Minecraft

    They increase the area of the mine, thus increasing the probability of encountering non-cobblestone blocks. Plus the decrease the probability of accidents (specifically, accidentally falling into lava). Also, since we don't use ladders, also our sticks can be used to make torches. Yes it is time...