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    Jimquisition: Watch Dogs - Five Collector's Editions For One Game? What? F*$%ing WHAT?

    I was considering buying this, after reviews came out, but when I saw they had a spreadsheet to guide you to the content provided in each different version, and on top of that NONE of the versions had all the content, I guess I felt insulted. I long for the days before pre-ordering. Gaming has...
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    Xbox Director of Development: Xbox One Effectively a Super-Computer Design

    "I think we have a consistently better framerate story that we can tell." You have a great framerate story! It just has to be told at a lower resolution. It's just like when I played the original Unreal at 320x240 pixel-doubled to really soak in all the graphical glory. It wasn't because...
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    Solar Roadways Seeks $1M to Replace Streets with Solar Panels

    Sounds great in theory, but what about upkeep? My city can't afford to keep the roads paved with regular asphalt. I don't expect we'll be seeing this ever.
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    Escape to the Movies: Neighbors - Genuinely Funny

    I am surprised this is supposedly good. The trailers make it look awful.
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    Watch Dogs PC Requirements Recommend 8 Core CPU

    Is there such a thing as an 8 core i7 3770? I didn't think they made those with more than 4 cores. I'll either pass on this or turn down some settings. Already been having to do that with a few titles and they still look pretty great.
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    Zero Punctuation: Titanfall - It's Got Big Stompy Robots

    I don't recall paying any fees for Origin. Their games are priced as high as they think they can get away with, but no monthly fees like on consoles.
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    Grand Theft Auto 5 Made Me Sad.

    While I respect that this game is just not his style of entertainment, I think Tito missed the whole point Rockstar was putting forth. Or maybe he just thinks much more highly of people than I do. "...the three protagonists GTA V are different shades of evil, sure, but not one of them has a...
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    GTAV's Characters Are Just Bad

    Well I ain't no literary genius, nor do I care much about my characters progressing into a better person, especially in a GTA game, but I found these characters had much more believable motivations to work together than RDR, which I also loved. In RDR I found it really hard to believe John...
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    Grand Theft Auto 5 Review - People Suck

    If your main complaint was playing as morally reprehensible bad guys, I don't think I'll be bothered at all. Bring on the depravity!
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    Reseachers Call For Less Addictive MMOs

    lol My friend picked up Civ for the first time ever and told me he basically got no sleep over the weekend. One more turn...
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    Gallery of the Day - Pixelated Boobs

    I love how everyone clicks on this then starts talking smack about this article. What did you expect to find when you clicked on something called "Gallery of the Day - Pixelated Boobs" I guess you can have your cake and feel superior too.
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    Jimquisition: Xbox One No DRM Emergency Special!

    Agreed to everything in the vid. This is good. Makes the X1 a possible gaming choice for me, and keeps Sony on a shorter leash by having MS not be as much the bad guy. But they can reverse it. I need a guarantee they won't. And make Kinect optional. Then I'm interested.
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    Movie Defense Force: Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

    I disagree with you, Jim. Jar Jar did ruin the movie. I watched it a second or third time trying to like it, despite his presence, and he's plastered all over the film. Not easy to ignore in the slightest, and just offensive to the ears. Haven't bothered watching it since. Why would I watch...
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    The Time I Wasn't John Marston

    You put way too much thought into this to come to such wrong conclusions. I played Red Dead Redemption however the hell I wanted to. I found I was a lot less malevolent than I am in GTA, and way more into hunting and cheating at cards. But I doubt I spent much time playing John Marston as...
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    Poll: Do you like Microsoft?

    Are you making a reference to Halo? Bungie developed Halo, and originally it was going to be a Mac game (and I'm assuming, PC as well). Microsoft had nothing to do with Halo, except to buy exclusivity rights to it, and make the series largely exclusive to the Xbox. So we can't play it on a...