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    The Big Picture: In Defense of Nostalgia

    Okay, I've got a big post covering a lot of issues: POLITICAL: I am of the belief that any group who stands up for their rights deserves any rights they ask for. Gay people go out and petition for their rights, so I think they deserve them. Not allowing them to marry puts them on a lower...
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    Overated Movies

    Personally, I think Avatar is a decent movie, It's just WAY over hyped and thus people hate it for being more popular than it should be. Titanic really does suck, though. I don't like Twilight, but that's because it's not directed at my audience, and really, among the horrible genre that is...
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    The "Obscure Reference" Game

    are you referring to Idiocracy?
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    The "Obscure Reference" Game

    A fighting game where you can play as a pirate, a cyclops, a small girl, a unicorn, a death knight, and an egg.
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    I fail to see how this is funny.

    I don't like Family Guy, Robot Chicken, any horrible random comedy like that. They occasionally hit on some good things, but most of it is bad. I like Linkara, but the Nostalgia Critic is less funny recently. Also, Youtube poop is REALLY hit or miss. I can't judge Dane Cook properly because I...
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    Pitch an idea to make a reality show to end all reality shows

    Filming people's conversations. But they don't know it. We place cameras everywhere!
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    Nerdiest fact, question or answer you can think of.

    I feel really pathetic after my younger cousin asked me some video game "trivia". His question was "What are the three most popular videogame franchises?" He said Mario, Link, and Sonic. I told him it was Mario, Pokemon, and Tetris (Actually The Sims, but I thought it was Tetris.) He the asked...
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    Nerdiest fact, question or answer you can think of.

    Well, my background is a poster of every pokemon. One of them is oddly colored. Not shiny, just wrongly colored. Find this poster on the internet. Tell me which pokemon is and win a cookie.
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    Games you NEVER finished / gave up on.

    pokemon colosseum. I'm at the final tournament, but I'm too lazy to level up my pokemon to beat it.
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    Only 151?

    Generation 3 had some of the best pokemon ever: Sableye, Spinda, Mawile, Blaziken, Grovyle, Mudkipz, Tropius, Manectric, Walrein, Torkoal, Wiscash, most of them, actually. Generation 4 had decent pokemon, none I particularly love. Though I don't see why people hate Probopass. He's like Mr...
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    Most Hated Pokemon

    Agreed. Dunsparce is truly the worst pokemon. It doesn't evolve, it isn't very powerful, and it's butt ugly! How does Dunsparce get made? Also Lucario, for the opposite reason. Lucario is WAY too overexposed. They gave him his own movie, even though he's not legendary. They made three...
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    Poll: Would you rather live a happy life or an Interesting life?

    Wow, pretty good responses! Sorry about the title, it is a bit misleading. I'm really asking whether you'd want to live a life of adventure of peace, but I didn't want to phrase it that way, and I couldn't come up with any better adjectives.
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    Poll: Would you rather live a happy life or an Interesting life?

    If you got the choice of what kind of life you could live, would you: Want to live in a world of adventure, constantly fighting and having exiting moments, with a cast of teammates around you and the constant threat of death? Or: Want to live a fairly basic life, with normal things...
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    If you could have dinner with any fictional character, who would you choose?

    Probably the genie from aladdin, but that turns into the "what would you do with three wishes" thread.
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    Your First Anime

    4 kids pokemon. My first proper anime would be One Piece (Subbed, not Dubbed.)