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    Poll: Why do you (not) eat meat?

    Your reason is that it is bad for the environment? Unless you are eating wild dolphins then no, no it isn't.
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    Skyrim Mods You Want to See

    Exactly. But on the off chance that you transform in a way that clips you through terrain, it is very likely that you would fall through it. And it is very likely.
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    Skyrim Mods You Want to See

    It will work great until you walk into a corner and use it, and clip through the walls, and fly under the map.
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    Skyrim Mods You Want to See

    I have been using it since it was released. What you want is simply impossible, unless they are very small, humanoid dragons.
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    What are your irrational fears?

    When I saw that I wanted to pick it up and pet it...
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    Skyrim Mods You Want to See

    Not going to work, at least on with this engine.
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    Damn, thats a long time.

    Gmod, 700 hours, but i've only been playing for around 300, the rest just leaving it running for long term gate based AI tests.
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    Skyrim Mods You Want to See

    Interesting idea, probably not possible.
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    Skyrim Mods You Want to See

    Aside from the two final boss fights (which were insanely epic) there wasn't really any other awesome fights in the game...
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    Whitney Houston has died...

    I hear the moose are very effective at blocking televisions.
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    What's the best zombie movie?

    Thread over. Everyone go home.
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    Calling all single people, what are you doing to survive the 14th?

    Dear Esther Edit: Wait, this is only for single people?
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    Reliable Source: Mac Vs. PC

    While it may be thinner in general, the width of the aluminum is also thicker, which means that it is likely going to bend when brought down on a hippie head.
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    Audio: What headphones do you use?

    It's not that they are particularly bad, they just have WAY too much bass and someone who hasn't used balanced headphones wouldn't know that their music is sounding wrong.
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    Nazis.. from the moon?

    Well where else would they come from?