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    Slow Down! Scientists Can Now Reduce The Speed of Light

    It's worth pointing out that no one slowed down the "speed of light" as we all know and love it, as the term refers to the speed of light traveling in a vacuum (which is and will likely remain constant). If you have light travel through a medium, it travels slower. See...
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    Doctor Who May Head Towards a Woman as the Doctor

    I, for one, am excited to see River Song as 13.
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    Gary Oldman Slams "Political Correctness," Calls Dark Knight Movies "Work"

    Minus the kind of. He beats women and is a genuinely shitty human being. Excellent actor, but unfortunately that's just pretend.
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    The Big Picture: Destined for Disappointment, Part 2

    Pretty much that. It's interesting that Bob came up with this whole line of thought and discussion, but it's very clear from the films, themselves, that the "artistic intent" was that the Big Dumb Prophecy was correct all along and that the good guys were just too dumb to understand the actual...
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    Escape to the Movies: Need for Speed - More Boring Than Nascar

    Bob, it may be worth noting that the whole flood story in the Old Testament was also blatantly plagiarized from the Epic of Gilgamesh (an entertaining and interesting read and one of the oldest surviving stories in human history).
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    Iwata: Nintendo Isn't Afraid of Failure

    He's claiming that someone genuinely thought cute sprites would be wildly unpopular with people? Is the "they" he's referencing beings that had never encountered humans and had no knowledge of video games, or does Iwata just hang out with lots of people who hate sprites and inexplicably lack...
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    ECA Opposes Videogame Violence Research

    "Proving a link between things" is the exact opposite of what actual scientists are supposed to do. That's not the job of a scientist and not how science (real, replicable, tells-us-about-the-world-and-how-it-works science) works. If someone's using cherry-picked data and/or inappropriate...
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    ECA Opposes Videogame Violence Research

    Pretty much this. The world's more nuanced than people on either extreme seem to be willing to acknowledge. Games are able to be good and they can probably be bad, and it's worth understanding how/when/why they could be either, rather than plugging our ears, closing our eyes, and shouting...
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    Jimquisition: Go Fish

    Sure, no one is perfect, but most people aren't assholes. If that's how you see the world, then I'm genuinely sorry for you and the awful people you have to interact with. Most people are generally quite good. They can have bad days, bad moods, various triggers/berserk buttons, but if I stop a...
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    How The Stick of Truth's Ambition Got Out of Control

    To be fair, they're used to making TV episodes in 1-3 days and may have thought, somehow, that video games weren't orders of magnitude harder to make.
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    Drone Hunting License In the Works In Colorado Town

    Which is more important to you, though--attempting (almost certainly futilely) to destroy property of the federal government, or not killing random people at the other end of your bullets' arc? Clearly this is the best approach to the problem of the government blatantly disregarding the...
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    Ender's Game Author Asks For Tolerance After Boycott Threat

    I fully agree. If someone's talking strictly about religion, there's no reason for anyone (outside that religion, at least) to get upset over debating who can or cannot marry and under what circumstances. Again--very well stated. I don't know what's going on in Card's head, so I cannot...
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    Ender's Game Author Asks For Tolerance After Boycott Threat

    His 'essays' (read: poorly structured, unfocused, inarticulate rants; look them up if you're unfamiliar) and role in NOM, trying to deny gay couples the right to get the same legal rights as heterosexual couples, don't strike you as illustrating that he hates people for being gay? (Or, if not...
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    Ender's Game Author Asks For Tolerance After Boycott Threat

    There's a very nice, very old notion I'm rather fond of: that people should be free to do whatever they like so long as they're not infringing on the freedom or rights of others. Card's welcome to be a bigot, but once he crossed the line when he started trying to infringe on the freedom of...
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    Ender's Game Author Asks For Tolerance After Boycott Threat

    Not really being big into slurs, I thought "Surely 'bugger' isn't some kind of slur," but, yeah, apparently it is/was. For anyone who, like me, was unaware: (edit: technically that might not be a slur, but, despite the multitudes of heterosexual...