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    Gaming Jokes

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    Hogwarts Legacy Will Allow For Transgender Characters

    Agreed. As much as I like CriticalGaming, he has a habit of being oblivious and naive to others misfortunes or thinking everyone has the exact same opportunities. It would be nice, but that is not the case. They are still people fighting for their rights, and they have to because others hate...
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    Discuss and Rate the Last Film You Watched

    Re watched Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019). Still an awesome movie and a much better film than Godzilla (2014). Why did the critics hate this film so much again. It's got the right balance of characters, is genuinely funny, and keeps it high on the monster fighting scale. Hell, I like the...
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    Discuss and Rate the Last Thing You Watched (non-movies)

    Season 2 is really in love with the double standard, female on male abuse is okay. The other example being Lin and Tenzin implied and stated past relationship. Not to mention, Lin and nearly everyone held the idiot ball that whole season. Eska was just a worst version of Mai (except a...
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    Discuss and Rate the Last Thing You Watched (non-movies)

    One of the best things about Season 3 & 4 is that they kill that annoying love triangle dead! Granted, S3&4 have another myriad of issues (.....Kai & Suyin Beifong, Toph's character derailment, etc.), but at least the crappy romance does not interfere with the plot this time!
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    So.. another Aliens game just got announced "Aliens: Fireteam"

    Zombie Army 4 is pretty good. The game is about $30 physical and has way more content, longer campaign, more enemy types, a raid mode with several levels, and still gets plenty of updates. There is some weapon DLC, but at least it gives you decent set to start with, and it is mostly just weapon...
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    Discuss and Rate the Last Thing You Watched (non-movies)

    I watched King of the Hill a couple of times, but it never connected with me much, nor did I find it as funny as Beavis and Butt-Head. Hell, B&B have way more class than either King of the Hill or Family Guy. Panty and Stocking have more class than both shows too. At least the two title...
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    Your video game hot take(s) thread

    This has become a problem in a lot of media; TV and anime especially. Anime lately seems to have complex of making anti-heroes who fail on both scales and are anti-hero in name only due to bad writing and not being intentional. Or the protagonist(s) is/are such jerks early on and you're forced...
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    Game Articles and Videos Thread

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    Share some things that make you smile!

    Partially NSFW.
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    Your video game hot take(s) thread

    Every fighting game should have a brawler mode or spin-off game a la Guilty Gear Judgement or Tekken Force. The lack of Tekken Force in Tekken 7 fills me with so much disappointment and despair. Fuck Death by Degrees! Does not count!
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    Streets of Rage 4 Thread.

    Here's an article from last year I missed.
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    You ever came up with funny or clever nicknames enemies or bosses?

    P.I.M.A (Pain In My Ass!)
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    Guilty Gear Strive

    Was not expecting that. Fine by me; I got plenty of time to play other games then. Guess that means I will be plating RE8 first if I decide to buy the game.