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    #158: Lying

    Were gunny and not sephiroth standing on an ACME trap door or something? They've been completely forgotten about.
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    Nintendo NX Revealed As Nintendo Switch

    And I stand corrected. *looks up at post, considers removing it to prevent getting corrected a thousand more times* Meh.
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    Nintendo NX Revealed As Nintendo Switch

    So the Switch uses cartridges, not discs. I don't know how much cartridge technology has progressed, by I doubt they've reached blu-ray level.
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    Watch Dogs 2 Delayed 2 Weeks on PC

    I keep forgetting this is coming out soon. This is not a good sign, Ubisoft.
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    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Requires 130 GB of Disk Space

    This is starting to get a little out of hand, guys.
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    Bulletstorm Remaster Rated by Brazil Ratings Board, Coming Out Next Year

    Gen 8 continues to be the console generation of remakes and remasters. Fuck this generation.
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    #144: Light my Fire

    She's about to go Elfen Lied on their unexpecting asses.
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    Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition Now Available on Steam, and Owners of the Original Get it Free

    I love it. It shows good faith to the fans of the original while simultaneous enticing new players to buy your game. I hope this recent trend continues to grow and eventually becomes the norm.
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    #132: Role Reversal

    Not-Cloud stayed behind in order to fight of the guards, allowing our heroes to escape unharmed and confront the big bad. But our heroes didn't do that, stayed right where they were, and ended up pulling him into the elevator regardless. So Not-Cloud is going to die for literal nothing.
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    Evolve Pulled From Steam, Gets Mysterious Countdown

    Wow, what a big "Fuck you." to the whole tens of people that purchased the game.
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    Judging By The Cover: Judging Power Rangers

    I would like to extend a formal apology to all those whom I made fun of while Hollywood had their way with their favorite nostalgic, childhood memories for the sake of cash. I now know how it feels, it feels bad man. It feels bad. EDIT: Fuck it, after looking at their costumes a little...
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    Blizzard Files Suit Against Overwatch Cheat Creator

    Yeah, that stuck out at me too. I'll give them lost reputation, but the tens of millions of dollars thing strikes me more as Blizzard's legal team trying to win that much money in the lawsuit, rather than an accurate accounting of lost revenue.
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    2K Finally Announces Bioshock: The Collection

    I'm liking the idea that game owners get the remasters for free, now only if this can somehow make its way to consoles.
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    Sony: PlayStation Plus has Almost 21 Million Paid Subscribers

    Yeah, that's it. Celebrate the fact that people need to pay 50 bucks to use their own internet to play with other people.
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    Sony Pictures Chairman on Ghostbusters Reboot "Haters" : "It's The Greatest Thing That Ever Happened"

    Go and listen to the fallout boy cover of the ghostbusters theme song, and THEN try and defend this movie to me. *grabs torch*