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    photorealism, arent you tired of it?

    Attempted photorealism = ugliness in most cases. I struggle to enjoy games like Fallout 3 because they're just so visually unappealing. The only "realistic" graphic effect of this generation that had me slack-jawed was the water in Uncharted.
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    well, then we will have to wait, we have no other option unless another person with Gmod starts making another comic. Oh, and also, i didnt understanded the comic about the spycrab or something like that.
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    Nazi Zombies finally get a film of their own.

    Well they always have been stoped by handsome USA marines with 5´o clock beards and Indiana Jones
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    Nazi Zombies finally get a film of their own.

    Nazi cyborgs, zombies, astronauts, vampires, there should a genre called nazi fiction, well at least they have those elegant uniforms.
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    Zero Punctuation: Left 4 Dead

    i find funny how he used a Obama pic smiling for Louis. It amazes me a bit that he didnt mentioned the tank (like some sort of hulk with enanism for example) and i think he mentiones that the AI director in fact launchs zombies to attack you. EDIT: Did anyone noticed that in the list at...
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    UFO Sighting

    Well, ive never had much interest in these kind of things, some people say they are real and seen the aliens themselvs, other people say its fake and are just nt-jobs watching prototype plains. But anyway i think the world would be really boring place without that kind of stuff. Who knows...
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    seriously, its the end of the world

    Even like that, it doesnt stop me from feel fear, a fear that dont allow me to live, everyday, God i simply want to have a calm life, like it wouldnt be enough with the stuff one have to deal daily, the worse is that my curiosity overwelms my common sense and fear, i end reading not everything...
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    seriously, its the end of the world

    Hnoestly, im tired of read all this apocalipse stuff, i simply cant live, always in constant fear, sometimes, i wish to simply die before any of those dates, so please, i dont want to see any of these threads anymore. im not going to read the article, ive barely readed some comments and i...
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    So.... i dont get this one, they say that there is a great view but the fog dont allow them to enjoy it right?
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    Question for the anime fans

    Sorry but i dont know what seinfield is for start.
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    FPS Helmet Simulates The Feeling of Headshots

    Im not sure about the idea, i mean imagine playing like a heavy in TF2 and recieve a full charged headshot from a sniper. Ouch
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    Fanboy Confession

    Bit of Valve (im a bit obssesed with TF2 specially for the style) And in a good part, Mario and Zelda, maybe is the nostalgia i even have some ideas for a Zelda fancomic. Edit: im also interested in anime and manga.
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    Steven Spielberg Doesn't Like Cutscenes

    I would like to know what he would have to say about MGS4, sadly i havent played it but ive heard it has cutscenes more than a half hour long.
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    Who is the greatest anime hero ever!?

    Well my favorite character is Anderson from hellsing.
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    Theory on who Gman is!

    i have another question, whats on the suitcases that they try to steal from eachother?