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    Female Game Characters Photoshopped to Average American Proportions

    I have personally met women that have very similar bodies as all the ones featured (as close as a human can be to a cartoon) This is yet again more SJW needlessness in the name of "game journalism"
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    WWE 2K16 Will Not Include Hulk Hogan

    The new norm, someone's life, career and legacy destroyed by a few misguided words, said privately and in anger. God Bless the New World.
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    Attack on Titan Will Have a Live-Action Television Show

    I think the real question is CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY SHE HAS AN RPG??!!!?!?
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    Poll: "Benevolent Sexism"...Wait, what?!

    The fact that 20% voted "Yes" to this makes my soul weep and almost makes me fear that humanity has no chance... On the other hand, its still shows that only a minority of people on this rock are this thick... We've gone from people wanting to be fair and do the right thing as far as gender...
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    No Right Answer: Who Should Be Spider-Man?

    I think that they used that Nick Fury was because they wanted Sam Jackson (as he was designed off him) as a solid action start. Spider-man is Peter Parker, at least to 90% of the "I don't know much about comics" movie going audience and 75% of actual comic fans, and they need that...
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    Hasbro: We've Released "Plenty" of Female Star Wars: Rebels Toys - Update

    Who cares about sales or profit or common sense? There is an agenda that the Escapist and the SJW's want to promote, so they will publish non news crap like this in order to promote a useless agenda
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    Why the Marvel Movies Should Ditch Peter Parker

    I think you win the internet for this post. someone actually gets it
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    Mass Effect's Commander Shepard "Originally a Woman"

    No, Halo was originally going to be on the MAC, not Dreamcast or PC. Steve Jobs even showed it at an event. I watched one of the Halo 2 documentaries and they stated it there.
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    Nintendo Confirms Work is Underway on New Consoles

    Going in order of your responds -We agree! Company's continue to innovate! The fact that people had to think about this is really scary! -The Wii appealed to the broadest audience possible and sold 20 million more consoles than Sony or Nintendo. What they did is alienate the "hard core...
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    Nintendo Confirms Work is Underway on New Consoles

    1. You're post wasn't a "rant" but it was "jerkish" in nature 2. I'm 32 and still like classic games, retro style games, and AAA. I had as much fun with Rouge Legacy and Shovel Knight as much/or more than Ass Creed Unity or Last of Us. 3. What's wrong with wanting wholesome, family...
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    Doctor Who May Head Towards a Woman as the Doctor

    No, it isn't a cop out. I listed many reasons why. The cop out is yours for wanting to paint me into a corner when I'm pointing out something that deserves to be pointed out. I wish I had you as an opponent on a debare team
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    Doctor Who May Head Towards a Woman as the Doctor

    Sorry, but hyperbole of that nature just gets to me as its so real to so many people. If you had said something more satirical, I probably would have laughed my ass off and not even responded to the post at all. The rest of the angry nature came from that part, along with all the super...
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    The Big Picture: Dinosaur Exodus

    I think part of the problem is that there is no set fact in exactly how anything looked or acted in the millions of years before we were able to observe the planet. It's all conjecture, with all kinds of evidence from many sources. I read a few articles about "feathered" dinosaurs and while...
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    Doctor Who May Head Towards a Woman as the Doctor

    No, it didn't contradict the statement... Some characters are male and some are female. You don't traditionally change character gender. As far as me being "mad" about it, I think it was done for SJW reasons, nothing to do with creativity or original story telling. Instead of coming up...