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    What is a fanboy?

    here's how i define it and somebody can comment on this. a fanboy or fangirl is somebody who is absolutely obsessed with something, be it a movie like twilight or a game like halo, to the point where they defend it in every aspect. they defend it and assume that there isn't anything wrong with...
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    Zero Punctuation: Wii Sports Resort

    eh... it wasn't bad. it did make me laugh a few time unlike the siren review.
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    Gamertags - why did you pick that name?

    bugexe...well partly was because i actually really liked the first 2 megaman battle networks and then my friend nate had this game that was terrible called onimusha blade warriors but we played it when i went to his house and on there one of the fighters is megaman and he could be in bug form...
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    Would Sonic and Mario be anywhere NEAR as popular as they are right now if....

    nostalgia does little more than get peoples attention. nostalgia will get people to buy the game initially, but it does not make them a good game and doesn't make most people consider it to be a good game. sure there are some people that will say its incredible just because its sonic (just...
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    Zero Punctuation: Halo Wars

    unskippable guy wasn't TOO bad, it just sounded like he was trying to be like yahtzee. halo wars part was pretty good. i don't blame his for hating strategy games. the only one i ever liked was fire emblem.
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    Zero Punctuation: Resident Evil 5

    great review! finally somebody else besides me thinks this game looks exactly the same as RE4 but with different wallpaper. why do developers continue to give players AI partners? it never works except in republic commando, but nobody played that game.
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    German Police Official Calls For Ban On Violent Games

    wow people are stupid. it starts with parenting. when did the world seem to forget that parenting is important?
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    Zero Punctuation: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

    great ZP! people get too touchy with race. i'm mexican and i can have fun with it and i've had to deal with racism before in my life.
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    MS Hearts - A Baby Tea Review

    a very good game to review indeed.
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    Poll: Final Fantasy VII

    FF7 was great, dont get me wrong, but i think it should laid to rest. there's not much reason for square to spend tons of money on making a game that everybody already has or could go get for like $5 at their local gamestop or vintage stock (if you have vintage stock), or just ebay.
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    What game is the biggest timewaster for you?

    smash bros. brawl or mario kart wii (if you have online for mario kart). those are games i could play forever.
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    Poll: Should Sonic go back to 2d?

    does anybody else think that maybe sega should release the rights to say......somebody else?
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    character most like you

    as much as people hated this game...i'm going to have to say Emil from tales of symphonia:DotNW. he's so much like an average person and slowly goes from being a wuss to awesome, but still acts like a real person.
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    Poll: Worst Games Ever Awards

    i got sonic unleashed and shadow the hedgehog for free and i still felt ripped off. i want that time back. and yes randomized levels do count. they made a bad system where it's possible for every ****ing world and every ****ing room to look like the exact same ****ing thing. that my friend...
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    Poll: Should Sonic go back to 2d?

    well i can rip sonic unleashed in many ways. or you can watch the ZP episode about it to sum up most of my argument. besides everything good ol' Yatzee said, if a game has to reward you for turning a corner correctly, that is NOT a good game. where the target audience throughout the game is...