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    If the Emperor had a Text to Speech Device on permanent hiatus

    I find it dubious that in said update, they seemingly acknowledging copyright and licensing is a thing, and so are contacting the appropriate people to see if they can do any of these. But they have not actually bothered to reach out to GW to see if they can continue TSS, like other 40k...
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    Mass Shooting in Plymouth UK.

    You know there has only been been five recorded 'mass shootings' in the history of Great Britain right? That event in question would be the Cumbria shootings, in which twelve people were murdered and eleven injured. The exact motives of the perpetrator remain unknown, but like this case they...
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    If the Emperor had a Text to Speech Device on permanent hiatus

    Kind of. These parts were already finished, and have been publicly available on his Patreon for a while. He seems to just be making what is already publicly available easier to access. The final part of the episode is reportedly near complete, but they've stopped work on it and are not going...
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    France is having huge protests

    You can have enough doses to vaccinate your population fifty times over. But it does fuck all unless people get them. France has been one of the most vaccine skeptical nations on Earth, so the biggest issue with France's vaccine distribution is the French themselves.
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    UK Local Elections 2021

    I felt this way about the Mayoral election, as I live in a combined authority. As all the candidates only cared about the biggest city within it, where I do not live, I just cast a blank ballot.
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    Idaho School Shooting

    Because the right to own guns in the US, is not conditional on owning and using them responsibility.
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    Idaho School Shooting

    Isn't that the standard response to a school shooting happens in the US?
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    So the new Star Wars cartoon : The Bad Batch, is off to a solid start

    Yeah that was my problem with the entire Siege of Mandalore Arc. Although utterly fantastic, and arguably the best of all the Clone Wars story arcs, it arrived years late to have any real impact. Lukas original vision for Ahsoka was to have been killed as a result of Order 66, despite her being...
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    So the new Star Wars cartoon : The Bad Batch, is off to a solid start

    I enjoyed it, and certainly looking forward to more (next episode is being released tomorrow). What I'm not looking forward to is seeing Rex, Fennax Shand, or any other potential legacy characters that are guaranteed to still be alive when the series ends. There is absolutely no enjoyment in...
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    Allied WW2 experimental weapons. Sadly both Allied ideas. By todays standards sure. But the pre-widespread radar days, an aircraft that made no noise was perfect for delivering troops, armour, and artillery behind enemy lines undetected.
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    The final Evangelion film of the Rebuild series releases in Japan in March 8, 2021.

    This is one of the best counter arguments to the standard criticisms that Evangelion tends to get that I've read. Unfortunately you are applying real world logic to fictional entertainment. And people generally don't want to see that kind of realism in their entertainment.
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    Pepe Le Pew No Longer Making “Beautiful Musics” With Warner Bros.

    Fair enough. As I said it's a long time and late 80s/early 90s TV had a habit of repeating episodes of those types of cartoons a lot. I may very well be recalling the only episode I saw.
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    Pepe Le Pew No Longer Making “Beautiful Musics” With Warner Bros.

    Been a long time since I saw a Pepe le Pew cartoon. But if my memory serves me correctly, wasn't the situation always reversed at the end with the Cat harassing Pepe? And now I cannot watch Duck Tales anymore. At least Della Duck loves her children, and doesn't see them as children of a...
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    Your "What were they thinking." Moment while you were playing a game.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - The crafting. You. Have. To. Do. Every. Single. Item. And. Chose. To. Store. It. One. At. A. Time. Black Mesa - The duck-jumping. It is absolutely everywhere, and I'm convinced there is far more of it than there is in the original Half-Life and Half-Life 2 combined.
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    To reduce carjackings Illinois state representative wants to ban GTA and other violent games

    That's not Mario. Mario is the that causes people to consume strange plantlife and then stomp the wildlife, or set it on fire.