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    Save Scummer

    Mmph. I still have this problem! I end up getting bored of games and hoarding crap, when actually dealing with risks adds so much more life to a game. I think I'd be doing this in DE: Human Revolution but I'm trying to get that obnoxious no-kill achievement. Now that this gets brought...
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    Jimquisition: BOYCOTT!

    I thought it was funny when he said something along the lines of "people are boycotting Diablo 3 because it's too bright", which is actually one of the contributing reasons (along with the strangely character-driven storyline and lack of atmospheric omnipresent music) that Diablo 3 lacks the...
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    Lots of people marrying for the wrong reasons/not ready

    I personally feel that marriage is kind of an antiquated practice that people are maneuvered into believing is absolutely vital to their lives through tradition. That isn't to say that it serves no purpose, but, like some other values I barely comprehend, it seems to be one of those things...
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    Gay Oreo Inspires Internet Outrage

    I'm a little surprised they actually used a rainbow oreo to represent homosexuality, for some reason which I can't recall atm (just woke up) I vaguely feel like it was regarded as offensive. The Christian/Catholic anti-homosexuality people seem so outspoken that it almost feels like it's a...
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    Poll: To Skip or To Pause

    I have no idea what this picture is from but it answers it so completely. Sometimes I want to watch a cutscene, but there is a distraction; sometimes I've seen a cutscene before and thus don't really want to again. There, problem solved, now because humans are logical beings of progression...
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    Jimquisition: Metacritic Isn't the Problem

    I had actually assumed Metacritic had some kind of deal going with a lot of industry contacts, because it seems so excessively prevalent. The way Jim talks about it makes it seem like this isn't the case, which raises the question to me, "Why IS metacritic so renown?" I genuinely don't get...
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    Update: TVTropes Deletes All Rape Tropes

    TBH I'm against removing it just because it's distasteful. The point of tropes is that they're significantly overused, thus pointing out that rape as a plot device is cheap and implies a lack of substance. If we remove them then it's like we're saying that rape isn't an overused plot device...
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    Jimquisition: Rape vs. Murder

    Good video, I didn't expect the topic to be covered so conclusively. It's true that the act of murder and the act of rape are both things done on someone by force, against their will, but I don't consider them to be equal. I think you covered my thoughts best when you stated that in one...
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    Jimquisition: The Best Looking Game of This Generation

    Was just about to point this out, good call. Aesthetics are more important to how visually appealing a game is than actual graphical quality.
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    Jimquisition: You Should Be Mad at Diablo III's Always Online DRM

    Didn't I use to dislike this guy's vids? I've rarely agreed with something I've heard more. I'm not going to cite examples, but I think this has been a growing problem in the gaming industry. We, as players and consumers, are expected to put up with whatever problems or inconveniences the...
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    Obesity Discrimination

    I'm foolishly posting on this thread despite the fact that this is clear bait for a flame-war... I get the general argument against obesity (it's bad for you, it's unappealing) but the argument that all fat people should simply drop all their beliefs and experiences in life and immediately...
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    Zero Punctuation: Twisted Metal

    Did anyone else notice how pointedly there was no direct swearing in this vid or have I just not been paying attention recently?
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    Obama proposes requiring students to stay in high school

    I can't really make judgments about this, IMO, because I don't really consider myself to be an average American citizen(not that I'm judging them, but I just don't feel that connected to the majority of people I'm aware of). I personally think almost every teacher I had, in whatever branch of...
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    Is this at all acceptable?

    Let me get this straight. You have a severe(or at least notable) dandruff problem to the point that your father's father is bothered by all the deceased epidermis you're littering around the place and when he asks you to wash your hair when you take a bath/shower, you are saying no? Thus...
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    Why can't I not like a form of music?

    Good call, I think I agree. My argument for hating current music (what little I hear, at least) is that, and I'm aware I don't hear every song that is made these days, I try to listen to it... but going by my concept of what makes music good, it's really dull, derivative, generic, repetitive(I...