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    Bungie Axes Destiny's "Loot Cave" In Latest Hotfix

    I mean I guess I should go back to just doing strikes with my frie... oh, I've disconnected for the billionth time... GG Bungie.
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    Not trolling but common sense and fact, Is the Xbox one dead?

    I was under the impression the Xbox one is actually doing well, just not when compared to the PS4. If the only barometer for success is being no1.
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    #GamerGate Needs Damage Control Badly (Small OP Update)

    I didn't get a PM ffs. Boo! But yes it's exceptionally easy to devalue gamergate because of the actions of the few loudest nutjobs, of course this is also happening the other way round I expect. The internet will always go by the lowest bar set.
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    The Big Picture: Leave Michael Bay Alone

    This was a fantastic episode, I'd love to see you do a few more like this.
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    BioWare Teases a New Mass Effect in Development

    I know so many of us are/were pissed off at the ending and with good reason but considering how amazing Mass Effect was up until that end I'm willing to give them a second chance. It is by far my favourite videogame universe and it's a credit to bioware they made it as rich as they did, just...
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    Halo Master Chief Collection Tides Fans Over for Halo 5 With Multiplayer Beta - Update

    *throws money at screen* The idea of getting all the Halo's together is amazing and the prospect of Halo 2 multiplayer has got my grinning like a madman. 100 multiplayer maps... suck it everything else ever?
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    Is the Xbox one going to die a slow and painful death

    It appears to be doing just fine from everything I've seen, perhaps this thread should be retitled 'I hope the xbox one is going to die'.
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    Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin planning to make Stargate reboot

    I loved stargate, I am very much in favour of more of it. I must admit so am I, makes me wonder what'll next be on the list (or what the hell is left)
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    The Great Debate - Chunky vs. Smooth

    Chunky all the way man, death to those who would choose smooth! You're all dead to me.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - The Movie That Broke MovieBob

    Hugs? I've never liked Spiderman so always stayed away from the movies but it's still sad to hear a review like this, as it certainly sounds like this might become the more and more prevailant in superhero movies.
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    Poll: It's that crazy football time in Europe again...

    I'd love Atletico to win it but Costa got a horrific injury today and the whole Courtious affair is a bit iffy so I can see Chelsea getting into the final. If not them for me it's really a case of not Bayern, never been a big fan of them.
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    How well do you know the Escapist above you?

    She's a Knife person.
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    Titanfall, player count?

    I would say it is one of the most balanced games I've played in years, the maps and movement systems you mention are both rather excellent and fluid. Some people have mentioned there is a lack of diversity in Titanfall what with only three titan classes and not a biblical list of guns but if...
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    Titanfall, player count?

    While I love the bigger battles on the likes of Battlefield, Titanfall feels just right with six on six especially when the Titans start coming down. It would be too hectic and confusing if you had more players, I do miss the more personal combat you got in the likes of Counterstrike, Gears of...
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    Awsome Gaming Ideas you don't think have been tried yet.

    Futuristic space man vs open world medieval RPG co-op game. I think it could be a winner. It's essentially an episode of Star Trek but replacing the star fleet personal with Klingons.