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    If Zebras' Stripes Aren't For Camouflage, What Are They For?

    Even before I got to this paragraph that was exactly my reaction to the OP claim that standard camouflage is the "prevailing wisdom". ie, "Huh, it is? I thought the current theory was about disguising movement and camoflauging individuals within the herd so predators cant pick out and target...
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    Five Actresses Who Could Play Live Action Mulan

    Personally Im more surprised about how much Ming Na Wen looks like Arden Cho
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    Lucasfilm Hasn't Given up Hope on Star Wars 1313

    Add me to the group of "Boba Fett? Oh... dont bother then." The talk back then actually sounded like it could be something new and interesting and separate instead of just fanboying over the originals. Silly us. Of course it has to be about one of the same few characters, and/or the Jedi. God...
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    Escapist's Holiday Gift Guide - Tabletop

    As far as I can tell, anybody wanting the Spellbook Game Box for christmas is going to be very disappointed. Even if the giver already knew about it and was in on the kickstarter before it closed, its not due to deliver until march of next year [edit: Correction. There was one gift level with...
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    Forget Wi-Fi, Newly Tested Li-Fi is 100 Times Faster

    Sooooo... wheres the 100x faster? The quoted speed is 1 Gbps. Standard commercially available 802.11AC wireless can already get reasonably close to 1 Gbps on a single antenna, never mind 802.11AD and other prospective technologies that use traditional higher frequency EMF bands. 1 Gbps isnt...
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    A Japanese Tech Company Claims It Can Predict Crimes Before They Happen

    If the system profiles and targets a person as "a 200 square meter potential crime scene" I think it has bigger problems than unfairness.
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    Fallout 4 Eliminates Skills From Character System

    So essentially now I have the choice of whether I want to be effective in combat or to do fun stuff like Bloody Mess, instead of being able to do each separately? Woooo what an improvement that sounds like!
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    All of Your Favorite Movies Are Becoming TV Shows

    I would put Red in that group as well. Perhaps even more strongly than the ones listed. Its very much a "look at celebrities you recognise doing crazy things" movie, almost to the extent that Id put it in a category with the Expendables. Dr Moreau could be ok if they keep its scifi/horror-ish...
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    The Rarest Creature on Earth: Slimy Nautilus, Thought Extinct, Reappears

    Wheres this claim that it was thought extinct coming from? None of the other articles Ive seen about it mention anything like that (apart from mentioning that it easily could go extinct due to fishing etc)
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    What Would The Reaction To A Female Bond (007, that is) Be?

    Although there are obviously problems a lot of time with the reception of female lead movies, I suspect in that particular case its more to do with the fact that Carano was an MMA fighter first, moving into acting, rather than an actor moving into action and martial arts as has been the case...
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    What Would The Reaction To A Female Bond (007, that is) Be?

    I dont know... I cant see any problem with it (ie, "why not"), although Im not sure whether the power fantasy would work as well for me personally - I have no idea whether a woman seducing a bunch of men would have the same impression as a man seducing a bunch of women, to me as a man. And...
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    The Problem of the "Professional Cosplayer" Label

    True, but by the same token it doesnt seem like trademark applies to a lot of cosplay either. It would be very hard for companies to argue many of the common elements that are considered in circuit tests regarding dilution of trade or likelihood of confusion, so long as the costumes arent being...
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    The Problem of the "Professional Cosplayer" Label

    Im finding the article very confusing, to be honest. Theres a lot of throwing around "copyright" and "trademark" almost as if theyre interchangable and I cant figure out when a particular activity is being referred to as one or the other, which really renders half the article as not making much...
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    Scientists Create "Wormhole" For Magnetic Fields

    What? How? The "wormhole device" is a physical structure of two spheres and a rod made of metamaterials. The only way you could use this to "take pictures from further away" is to put the wormhole device right next to the patient and spin it around just like you have to do with the magnets in...
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    Blue Review: Mo-Fi Headphones, Yeti Microphone and Accessories

    Weird, never really noticed that myself except with headphones specifically intended for amps. My current Ultrasone HFIs work fine on 20% volume, and at max volume from the PC theyre loud enough to listen to like a speaker from a meter or two away. Just pick an impedance suitable for the...