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    Time-Lapse Satellite Photos Show Grim Realities for Our Planet

    Or we can hope to achieve a symbiotic relationship, or at the very least a neutral non-parasitic one. Less toxic waste, plastic garbage and so on lying around with none to clean it up. And also less horrible plagues. That'd be nice. It'd be a win-win, really.
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    Star-Lord and Drax Join the Guardians of the Galaxy Poster Parade

    I really really hope that song will be playing over the credits. And that Björn Skifs make an appearance as an extra or something.
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    Videogame Characters Walk too Slowly, amirite?

    He seems to be doing the thing where you run at angle making you go super fast because some engines back then couldn't handle that. EDIT: accidentally quoted twice
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    BioWare Reveals Most Used Cmdr. Shepard Names in Mass Effect

    Named mine Endeavour after another guy who was also only called his surname.
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    How often do you see your friends? Just curious.

    What is this "friend" entity you speak of? Anyways, in person only at school really. Other than that most interaction is over the internet. Not really a social person.
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    End of Nations "On Hold," Website Disappears

    To be honest it is probably better this way. I'd rather see it killed of now than see its transformation into another dotalike complete.
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    Biggest Difficulty Spike You Have Ever Experienced

    This for me too. Just started playing it again recently, the first time i played it many many years ago i never realized that you weren't supposed to fight the heartless at the tutorial island. As it turned out 8 year old me was really bad at video games. But anyways, that cerberus fight is...
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    Mass Effect 2: What's the big deal?

    The most infuriating thing about ME2 is if you chose sole survivor and did the Cerberus missions. When Jacob reveals that he's with Cerberus, the guys who fed your squad to a thresher maw on Akuze and experimented to the one that survived (aside from you), did it again later, killed admiral...
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    Game music you DON'T remember

    Skyrim for me too. Aside from the theme and the one when you fight dragons, i don't remember a single one. Compared to Oblivion, where there are so many songs that have just stuck with me. Not really sure why though.
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    "This Is Gonna Suck" Moments In Games

    In Shadow Warrior (the reboot) when you were heading down the hole and draining the sludge. I thought that the sludge was going to start rising again and you would have to escape up while fighting a bunch of enemies. Luckily, Shadow Warrior being the wangtastic game it is, it doesn't do that...
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    could you recommend me a medieval RTS?

    The second one also has a really great modding scene. Third Age, Stainless Steel, Broken Crescent and the soon to be released Europa Barbarorum 2 just to name a few.
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    John Carmack "Spearheading" Mobile Development At Oculus VR

    I have to say, that is the most mischievous picture of John Carmack I've ever seen. Like he's playing one of those Oculus games and knows none else in the room can see it.
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    10 year old girl Rapes 4 year old boy

    Wait, can you even charge a 9 year old? At least in Sweden you have to be 15 to be charged with anything.
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    Total War: Rome II Dev Details Post-Release Content

    As you can see here ( you will only control the core territories yourself, the rest are made up of your satrapies, client states.
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    Total War: Rome II Dev Details Post-Release Content

    About the "most moddable" part, they did not say the most modded. From what I've been able to pick up from some of the modding guys over at TWC it actually is, just a lot more harder than the pre-warscape games. No more just editing a text document.