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    Robotech Production Eyes Fast & Furious 7 Director to Helm Movie

    If it weren't for Robotech, I wouldn't have discovered Macross. But I am amazed and rather surprised that the HG bullshit is still afloat after all these years. The number of surprisingly decent Macross products that have been released, from the amazing PSP video games, to the anime of recent...
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    Gunpla Battle Royale: Would you play Gunpla battle if it was real?

    Not to mention, the language barrier is negligible :) Anyone can pick this game and have fun with it. Got mine last week, and can't stop playing with Reborns, Gerbera Tetra and Duel Assault Shroud :D On-Topic: I was so pumped while watching Reiji/Sei vs Fellini's fight. That entire fight was...
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    Is Naruto hated or something?

    Hey, I came in this thread planning to say that. But hear hear, that's pretty much the truth. It's hated by a majority because it's popular. I think in hindsight, looking back at how the story has developed since Naruto was youngun, I would say it's a pretty damn good Shounen. I love the...
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    Microsoft Rejected Heavy Rain Due To Child Abduction Plot

    It's only $40 these days :D Full Boost is looking amazing, the amount of new suits is just freaking awesome. + I like how they are not rushing to release it on console until they have finished adding more content to the arcade game. Hopefully it will be on current-gen consoles, and not just...
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    Microsoft Rejected Heavy Rain Due To Child Abduction Plot

    Heh, I only bought a PS3 to play Gundam Extreme VS. (Since I am a huge fan of the series.) Sure, over time it became my "main" gaming console alongside the Vita, but the library of the PS3 is definitely as solid as my X360 library. :) Infamous is a brilliant series. Only issue I had was...
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    Poll: Which Jaeger was your favorite?

    Coyotte Tango!!! :D Mainly because its design is almost like the RX-77-2 (Guncannon) from the Mobile Suit Gundam series, and which from I understand, was the Mech that Idris-effin-Elba (heh, my gramps share the same first name!!!) piloted. 2nd has to be Striker Eureka, since as a Japanese...
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    Metal Monsters: Mechs From Gundam to Pacific Rim I forgot to mention it's an import (and a pretty cheap too $45). But like Gundam extreme vs, the menus can be navigated easily since they are in English. You might miss some story elements but you get the gist of it even without...
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    Update: Street Fighter IV DLC Adds Five New Characters

    Funny how it will cost me more to just upgrade my retail Super Street Fighter IV to include these dlcs on my x360. I will get the new game for my PS3 now.
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    Metal Monsters: Mechs From Gundam to Pacific Rim

    That's why I love my PS3 at the moment, thanks to its lack of region lock. Just import the games bro. Gundam extreme Vs itself is $40, and you don't need any knowledge in Japanese to enjoy it. For ACE: R, there is an excellent translation guide (by Mwulf, this guy is awesome) out there...
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    Metal Monsters: Mechs From Gundam to Pacific Rim

    Great article. If it's a game with Mechs, I will most certainly play the hell out of it, and even enjoy it! Be it Western or Japanese, but the best imho, has elements of both, like Armored Core or Hawken. There are some amazing games out there. There's a few that come to mind: PC...
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    Sony Cancels Warrior's Lair

    I was actually waiting for this game. Oh well, I'll settle with Dragon's Crown which technically is an A-RPG.
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    Bayonetta 2 for Wii U Gets New Gameplay Footage

    I love Bayonetta, as a character and as a game. Hell, I even love her more than Dante!!! =D Too bad I don't have a WiiU. Looks like I might have to consider purchasing one in the future ... after the PS4 :( Captcha: Hot diggity dog
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    Why Are You Buying a Console?

    because I like games duh! And maybe because I want to experience the next generation of games, and games in popular franchises. [font color='FF66FF'] Like Call of Duty man, can't wait to see how it will evolve on the PS4.[/font] No seriously, Watch Dogs, i just can't wait. :)
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    What non-anime cartoon should I watch next

    Will there ever be a new X-Men TV show? I loved Evolution, and the classic back in the old days. The anime one was horrible (even as a guy who enjoy anime franchises more than american cartoons).
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    Lisa Foiles still has a show. Why...?

    I definitely am not fond of her Top 5 show, but damn she is a really talented caster, and her work (that awesome Zelda meet Western movie etc ...Game reviews etc ...) on Thegamestation is pretty impressive.