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    What's your take on the English riots?

    It's scary but the police have told all shop owners that it's safer to close early. Today most shops closed before 3pm, or didn't even open at all. A lot of shops got boarded up in preparation. Whilst it was true that there were about 16000 police in London, it was relatively quiet there...
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    What's your take on the English riots?

    As someone who works in a shop in Birmingham suburb nearby to the city centre (where the main rioting has been happening), it frightens me to think that we could be next. Yesterday we got word through on the shop radios that gangs of youths were planning on attacking our area. A lot of shops...
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    What is the stupidest popup that was clearly a virus you ever seen?

    I have fallen for one virus and I feel ashamed to admit to it... It was a popup that was the spitting image of AVG. Something about a background scan, the usual stuff you get from AVG. So I clicked OK or whatever. Bad move boyo!
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    oh god, you just killed your avatar

    Eat the body, om nom nom nom! Then probably feel a bit sick. Captcha: interface: cesder
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    the whole "geek chick" thing....

    I'm a passionate gamer, roleplaying games enthusiast and Computer Scientist. The amount of times I've been told I'm only doing all that just to get attention... Hey, if I was only doing it to get attention, I wouldn't have been doing all that for 15+ years.
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    How do YOU name characters?

    I usually pick a normal word and swap some letters around, or chop some words up and mash them together. Or a mixture of the two! It also depends on what/who the character is; a more regal character will have a more regal name, whereas someone like a troll or an orc will have a shorter name...
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    PS3 Owners Are Pissing Me Off

    I've been loyal to Sony since the original Playstation, so this PSN business hasn't really bothered me that much. I can understand why people would be annoyed, but if they want to purchase XBox Live instead of being patient for Sony to fix the issues, then I won't stop them. I find that a lot...
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    Teen Arrested for Home-Made "Hot or Not" List on Facebook

    So when people did this on MySpace but had their comments section hidden so not everyone could see, it's not the same thing? When we played stuff like "Snog, Marry, Kill" in the playground we were never thrown into prison. Maybe I'm taking this out of context. Yes it was bad that he said...
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    What DnD character are you?

    True Neutral Gnome Bard/Sorcerer (1st/1st Level) Ability Scores: Strength- 9 Dexterity- 13 Constitution- 11 Intelligence- 12 Wisdom- 11 Charisma- 13 I was surprised about the gnome thing, but according to the description they like jokes and technology, and live to 350. So I'm cool...
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    Jimquisition: Solving the Sexism Situation

    I thought he was gonna talk about female videogamers, which is quite frankly, yet another topic done to death. Some guys have their spotlight in games (yeah, Devil May Cry, so what?) but I would not pick up a game because it advertised itself as having guys with balls as big as beach balls...
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    Guild Wars 2 - Top 10 Reasons to be Interested

    I am so so so glad he mentioned Jeremy Soule. As a geek of music in videogames, this makes me really pleased. I'm so glad Soule is doing the music for GW2. He did a really good job with GW, so, I'll be excited to see what he composes. Whenever I hear the Overture from Eye of the North (that's...
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    This is killing me!

    I love you!!
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    The OH-COME-ON-NOW Moment

    When playing Pokémon, when you're on that last grass tile and you get a random encounter. In fact, any game where you're a step away from safety and you get a random encounter.
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    This is killing me!

    Alright then, an N64 Japanese (in both setting, voice acting and game title) platformer game. You play a black-spiked-hair red-clothed boy running round collecting coins and eating dumplings on a skewer for health. Weird face things are enemies, and I cannot for the life of me remember any...
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    Bathroom walls, truly they are a source of awesomeness.

    <spoiler=An image I snapped in a pub bathroom cubicle>