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    Computer problems...HELP ME!!!!!

    A. What antivirus are you using? Usually when the file freezes at 99.9%, the scanner is having its way with the file. This is further verified by the way you get a corrupted file in the download folder, implying that the browser has no difficulty in placing the temp file into the desired...
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    Poll: Which would you rather: Ride a dragon, or transform into a dragon

    Neverwinter Nights had Shapechange as a 9th level spell that transformed you into a Red Dragon. Basically DnD though. Also had good dragons, but they didn't help so much as gave you quests to kill evil dragons. And they grew quite upset if you tried to take their things. And they were immune to...
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    Disney Is Stupid, And You're Dumb

    Here are some movies you MAY think have been missed Personally, I vote Rescuers Down Under, Great Mouse Detective, and Fantasia.
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    Africans different species?

    Here are some relevant videos if you're genuinely interested in the underlying genetic differences. Basically, while there are a few non-trivial genetic differences between human haplogroups, stereotyping people by race and skin color is woefully inadequate for discerning those genetic...
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    BioWare's Lead Writer Resigns

    There are tropes and themes common to several Bioware games. Apparently that means that the stories/games are the same. Or that writers were lazy/inept/bad. Allow me to sum up Bioware games: 1: You make a character 2: You go through a tutorial period involving some kind of battle 3: You...
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    Megaupload Suing Universal Over Pulled YouTube Video

    Citation Needed What kind of "large proportion" are we talking here? Megaupload has to submit to DMCA requests, same as youtube or any other website. What evidence is there that a large proportion of their content is illegal? The top 100 downloads (as shown on the website) are all legal.
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    Is it that hard to find a virgin?

    I understand where you're coming from. I'm fairly conservative with regards to those kind of ideals as well. I was lucky enough to find a girl who fit nearly all of them. In retrospect though, it was a bit immature. If you're planning on making a commitment to really caring about somebody, then...
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    Which browser should I use Firefox or Chrome?

    Size of the thread is proportional to number of false statements in thread. Granted, performance benchmarks are not perfect means of comparison, but they do a lot better than subjective feelings about performance. People are subject to confirmation bias when dealing with performance. If...
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    Which browser should I use Firefox or Chrome?

    Most recent, reliable benchmark I could find: Browser Comparison Benchmark Results. Only a month old. You can see performance for yourself. False statements in this thread: Chrome uses less memory than Firefox. Opera is faster than Firefox and Chrome. True statements in this thread...
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    Poll: Are you a nice, Dick, or fair DM?

    A mix, but mostly nice and fair, with a bit of "dick" at times, when I think they aren't taking things seriously enough. They tend to have long drawn out discussions of strategy, which makes the game take so much longer, so I try to shorten that by threatening time limits. When they have...
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    Poll: How intelligent do you consider yourself

    What a nice Gaussian distribution. Where the actual average is more than "above average." Everybody wants to think they're above average. Maybe we have a certified "smarter than average" general population here. Or maybe only "smarter than average" people answer polls about intelligence...
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    need some help with D&D!!!

    You'll need access to source books to build any character. The Monk is from Player's Handbook 3, and has additional power and feat choices in Psionic Power. These should be your primary sources, although useful feats can come from nearly any source book. This guide may help you choose from...
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    A little computer help?

    According to this post it supports up to 1066 DDR2 RAM, though it doesn't say what size. There are memory websites which have auto-compatibility checking software such as which will tell you the RAM types compatible with your computer. This typically isn't your best price for the...
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    How bad is this graphics card?

    According to your "card" benchmarks a bit more than 300. As a point of reference, a GeForce 6800 GT benchmarks 300. The 6800 was good many years ago. Not today. You might be able to play modern games on very low graphics settings, but you'll still likely get...
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    A Terabyte of Piracy Ain't Art

    How fast do you think internet connections are, Greg? Lets be generous and assume there are 5 hours in an afternoon. 200 GB/hr= 3.33 GB/min= .0555 GB/s= 55.5 MB/s= 444.4Mb/s Yeah, that's about 100 times faster than the average US connection. But yes, I guess he could have done it in an...