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    Perv on a Japanese Schoolgirl in Tekken Team's Project Morpheus Demo

    Wouldn't you though? I mean, honestly? Pervy school girl stuff in Japan? I think you'd have a harder time selling crack cocaine to an addict.
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    Dear Users Complaining About Moderators

    We do. Low content is about preventing people from spamming inane crap to up their post count, which in turn would result in topics bloated full of nothing for the sake of inflating a meaningless statistic. "+1!", "I agree", "FIRST!", etc. It was never about character count. If it was the staff...
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    Dear Users Complaining About Moderators

    Right, this seems... civil enough, so let's try something: If you have any questions for me post them as a reply to me (so I get a notification). I'm going to sleep now and I'll reply to what I can tomorrow. If anyone's interested that is. Think of this as a small AMA I guess.
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    Your Top 5 Annoying Things In TF2

    Just generally people being terrible beyond comprehension is what really annoys me. I know I spend way too much time playing games, so I don't expect people to have the same kind of involvement with games as I do, but I tend to mentally draw a line at the point where it should be plain...
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    Elder Scrolls Online- Leveling Guides Are Going to Ruin The Game (with video).

    >Implying "fun" isn't completely subjective. Come on... [] Personally I think leveling is the least fun part of any game it exists in. Any. Nor can I honestly understand why anyone enjoys it given that it's basically just vertical progression of meaningless...
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    The new wolfenstein game - annoyed by it?

    If you're looking for an historically respectful title you're wayyy off track. Wolfenstein has always been very, shall we say, colorful in their depiction of the Nazis. It's like expecting the Hellsing manga to be accurate about Nazis or Dracula. If anything the new Wolfenstein game is...
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    Yet Another Fightstick Question

    Eightarc and Quanba are usually good quality and are used by many top players (they even sponsor a few, such as XiaoHai and Dakou). That said, I don't know... Are you planning on getting either consoles? Right now every fighting game worth playing but Killer Instinct runs on previous gen...
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    What was your first pc gaming memory?

    Oh shit! You just reminded me of a game I played a lot as a kid. Who remembers this bad boy?
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    What was your first pc gaming memory?

    I love you forever. That is exactly it. Rainbow Islands... I knew it was Rainbow something, but couldn't find it. Now to see if there's some way to play this one again.
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    What was your first pc gaming memory?

    Similar situation. Spectrum ZX. I remember a game where you're supposed to climb to the top of the map before it floods and you can shoot rainbows (to kill things and climb on). I remember Cobra. Also remember this one side scroller where you can pick up this metal-slug style power ups (but this...
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    Really Surprising: Ghost Recon Phantoms

    I played it a bit yesterday because a friend of mine said the same thing. First impressions: Typical Ubisoft. Really interesting core design with some phenomenally stupid management decisions. First of all vertical progression needs to just fucking die. "Leveling" doesn't belong in this...
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    Titanfall, player count?

    Also, grunts are fucking awesome. Every so often you get shit like this [], or this []... You ain't even mad, you're just impressed. I've been killed by Grunts and Specters. They can be surprisingly lethal if you disregard...
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    Titanfall, player count?

    It's good as is. Personally while I always liked the sound of huge player counts, truth is, most of the time the games just get crowded... TF2 with 24 people can easily turn into a massive clusterfuck, let alone the 32 some servers allow for. Bad Company 2 was criticized by many Battlefield...
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    Loadout's Australian and South American Servers Shut Down

    2 months and it's already tanking? Oh dear... Think it's a shame if it goes down though. For all its flaws I thought it was quite good for a F2P shooter, particularly their business model. Definitely head and shoulders above the average F2P shooters...
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    Poll: Should we 'call out' trolls?

    I started watching that and had to stop... Maybe it's my cynicism peaking out again, but she sounded wayyyyyyy too much like someone using an issue, any issue, to push a personal agenda. I just feel uncomfortable with those people, regardless of their agenda... For example she misinterprets...