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    Syndicate Review

    Fucking Dubstep everywhere >:( But anyway, to me, looks like just another addition to the overflowing slurry of titles in my 'Another FPS that I can't be bothered to get' list. Linear, enemy-spawney games just don't flip my 'excitement' switch.
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    You can now remove one function/reaction/organ from your body with NO repercussions.

    Sleep definitely. Eating is fun and delicious, but if I was indefatigable, my world would be brilliant :)
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    So i need a reason to buy a PS3 over a Blu ray.

    Why are we trying to sell you a PS3? Why can't you decide what to do with your own money? If it were me, I'd save the $150, and perhaps use it for something else later. I dunno, petrol money... Take a girl out to lunch/dinner... Go see a movie or two with your friends.
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    Poll: mass effect: The council

    I let the council die, and chose Anderson, however, steam decided it didn't want to remember my decisions, even though I tried to draw them across, so I had to play through ME2 with that dick Udina in charge of the Galaxy. Hooray -.-
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    Marines posed with Nazi SS symbol in Afghanistan

    Fair enough to a few of the posts here saying they don't recognise it, but really, we're 'internet people' here. I sure as hell recognise it, anyone with a fleeting knowledge or interest in WWII would recognise it, and I find it either A) 'Hard to believe', or B) 'Depressing' that none of the 10...
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    14 year old shoots himself in the head during school

    I only have one question... Really? You threw up this article, and then expect people not to consider a 'gun regulation' discussion?
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    Best gaming platform OF ALL TIME?

    I would have to disagree about the PC being a platform of it's own. I'd use the justification for this as being, "are games produced for the purpose of being played on this platform". This of course includes Smartphones and Tablets, because they have a selection of games designed for them, but...
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    Best gaming platform OF ALL TIME?

    PC Hands Down. I don't see how the PC can not-count. I see it as a race where you have a clear frontrunner, which you can't just disqualify because it makes the other guys feel bad. It'd be like asking which digital distribution system was the best, and not allowing people to say 'Steam'...
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    Do you like your first name?

    (Luke) I love mine, I think it befits me perfectly. Brief, sharp, well dressed, still common but slightly unusual, and apparently quite a few girls like it.
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    Poll: Household Pe(s)ts.

    Why would you NOT want a daddy-long-legs in your house? We have probably hundreds of them scattered around the place. They're pretty cute, and they get rid of most other unpleasants, so I for one love the little guys. I made friends with one that only had 5 legs who I felt sorry for. Haven't...
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    suggest tv series

    Black Books The Hollowmen South Park (of course) Not because of your taste in television, but because everyone should watch those. That is all. EDIT: Also Blackadder (series 2 onwards)
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    favorite spells

    QFQFASS. Anyone recognise this? Also, I don't think Bioshock plasmids should count. Not really a spell, it's SCIENCE :D
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    In your opinion, the most balanced RTS

    Balanced? ^this All the teams are very much the same except for a few stat tweaks, unit availability and unique units, but other than that, yeah... Of course, that's not a bad thing by any means, I loved that game, but I much prefer the huge team differences that more modern games provide...
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    Mass effect gets hi-res tex- wait...zomg Tali's face!

    Huh, I must be one of the few who, whilst travelling on a mission of critical importance to the survival of the galaxy, decided it would be best NOT to bone any of my crew members. I run a tight ship, and I do not want god-damn 'days of our lives' shit going on. Come on guys, really? You're so...