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    Can you beat him? Akinator Web game

    Beat it. I was thinking of Matt Damon and it gave me Jake Gyllenhaal.
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    Escape to the Movies: Total Recall

    Wow, Bob brought out the Boston accent this week. Sad to hear the film is a bust.
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    You now have three no strings attached wishes.

    Reality bending power of God (The all-inclusive power) [shape-shifting, creating objects out of the air, teleporting, telepathy] A fail safe if I want to give up some of these powers And I'd save the last wish
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    Most memorable opening line in a game

    "War...War never changes." That obvious answer and some of the Call of Duty openings are pretty cool.
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    The last song you listened to is now your country's national anthem.

    Rape Me by Nirvana....interesting...
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    Poll: Do you know/are you learning a second language?

    Yes, because my school is forcing me to learn it but I don't mind. Spanish is very common where I live so it helps that I know some of it. Also, I am trying to learn Russian of my own accord.
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    In 55 words or less, tell me a story.

    Baby shoes for sale; never worn I believe this fits the criteria.
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    who are you dressing up for this Halloween? 3:-)

    Depending on if I can get it done, I plan on being Shufflebot (The LMFAO Robot) for Halloween. Either that or Randall McMurphy.
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    Poll: The Voice of God

    In all seriousness, I have had people tell me I have the voice of God. I believe God's voice would like mine but better.
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    US Citizenship Exam

    New York, 27/30, 90% and it tells me I need more practice. No matter. I passed the test when I was born.
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    The value of a human life.

    Exaclty $3.47. I asked a guy.
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    You have been forced to nuke a country.

    I would nuke this one.
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    Apparently COD is a children's game?

    Sounds right. Real man play BFBC2
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    What is... the nerdiest/geekist thing you've ever done?

    LAN Party at my friends house with BFBC2.
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    Most hated enemy in gaming?

    Creepers Zangief and E. Honda Bloodmounts The Flood