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    LoadingReadyRun: Hot & Saucey

    You want 'just slightly off' take some time to listen to Chris Morris' "Blue Jam".
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    A Game's Replay Value is Like Chocolate Sauce

    Can (does) anyone get infinitely more mileage from these Extra Punction posts by reading them out in the style of Rhod Gilbert (with his grossly exaggerated accent)? They seem to make so much more sense that way.... Or am I just drinking too much? LoL Welshfag
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    The Great Step Forward

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    Escape to the Movies: Cloud Atlas

    Sigh, wait till March or February? Fuck no. They can keep their fucking film, I don't care what the excuse is, do we really have to still put up with this shit in 2012? Maybe I can use the time to read the book first, if only. Hah. Bollocks! I'm boycotting the whole franchise. All by...
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    I don't care what your captcha says.

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    I don't care what your captcha says.

    You wanted a self esteem boost? HAVE 12! I've leave these very fora to take a very short trip around the interwebs googling this horsecrap about "my Captcha says..." and where do I end up, immediately right back here - because GRGRRGRRRaarg? MAK!, is it me, or is it worse here than anywhere...
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    Escapist News Wrap: Half Life 3 and Borderlands 2's "Girlfriend Mode"

    SECONDED Featuring HL3 in the title of a NEWS show when the actual item is "HL3 - NO NEWS" We all understand you gotta generate page views but seriously, like this?
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    Movie Trailers: Painted Skin: The Resurrection - Trailer

    although I'm sure this has been said many a time before... Why host a video at such a low resolution that nobody can read the subs? [edit] it's just as bad everwhere else, pfff, ball to this.
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    Feed Dump: Dakota & Madison Work Stuff Out

    @DVSBSTrD - Well played Sir! Between 700 & 1046 yrs ago (derp) B.C. eh, meh! check this out - I can't independently verify it's veracity but... world's oldest wine jar dating to 5400-5000 B.C. []
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    Origin Cheapens IP With Deep-Cutting Sales

    For once we in the UK get the better end of the stick... and, but, Origin?! 'hooray' but no hooray :(
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    Zero Punctuation: Fez and I Am Alive

    what I meant to do was put this here cos' well "HHHNNG!!! DEM POPCYCLES!" but then I saw another little fella who could use a popcyle, your avatar... the whole time. MFW etc The rest was just to make the post seem vaguely relevant to the thread. Just fluff really. also...
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    Zero Punctuation: Fez and I Am Alive

    POPCYCLES!??!! WOOT! no release for dates for PC yet, but patience or a second hand console some years from now will do just as well. If only either of these would be worth the wait. That's if second hand games aren't banned or voided by then... Also, if it's not [spam removed] I'm not...
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    Need some piracy advice....

    This and also "I am very dissapoint" etc You really expected to get what, sympathy? People to cheer you on? Or did you really need the response of everyone currently logged in to tell you this is a bad idea, because what, you couldn't work it out for yourself? Or are you just tr... oh...
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    Yeah, they even tell me Hitler was a sensitive man. Also, good strip this week.
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    Elves and Dwarves Don't Define Fantasy

    So by using Control-F I can tell no one has mentioned -JAMESTOWN- shame on you all. "The game takes place on Mars in an alternate history steampunk 17th century, where the planet is a British colony contested by the Spanish and the indigenous Martians." - WikiP True, it's not a 'free...