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    Sid Meier: Too Much Complexity Can Kill Genres

    That being said, I think thinking about going in the other direction, that ROME: total war 2, took out seemingly a lot of complexity, while long time in development, grand strategists looked towards other directions like CIV and the paradox series (europa, CK2, victoria) which coming back to...
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    Dust 514 Review - High Ambitions

    those textures certainly seem for quantity i noticed that even through the video, seems a very interesting game and a very interesting mechanic in which ties to the Eve universe which im interested in, however in terms of this kind of game i definitely feel it needs to balance the reward for...
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    The Big Picture: Worlds Within Worlds

    so..... are we starting the church of westfall? making sure we regularly pray so we don't get ..*gulp*. taken off the air
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    Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 17

    i wholeheartedly agree with this statement, As well as never being hungry, damn i want a sandwich now. love this podcast, hope it maintains it schedule's with chris's awesome new job, personally i'm a little selfish and want more!
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    Update: Open Source Android Console Fully Funded with $1 Million

    ahhhh many thanks sorry i didn't see it, so it works in a lot of ways like some kind of App store or Google android store? free demo's as well as paid components inside the game like Free To Play games? very interesting, if this works i'd totally pick one up
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    Update: Open Source Android Console Fully Funded with $1 Million

    i may be a little bit slow here, and i might not of read all of the comments so excuse if this has been addressed, but where does the money come from? i don't understand how this monetizes people's games or maybe i'm being cynical :P other than of course the initial 99 dollar cost? advertisements?
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    Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 10

    i love DOB and i love cracked great episode i couldn't stop laughing at the end i thoguht it was a great question!
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    PAX East 2012: The Escapist's Blankety Blank Panel!

    it would be awesome if this were a single audiofile but however i still enjoyed all of them :). thanks mstrfantastic you truly are your namesake.
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    Escapist Podcast: Bonus: Mass Effect 3 With Spoilers Part 3

    my ideas for a mass effect spin-off and possible series. Mass effect: krogan rebellion, Mass effect: first contact, Mass effect Rachni Wars, Mass effect: rebuilding Tuchanka (set directly after the events of mass effect 3, after the cure is built), Mass effect: We are Legion (play as a...
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    LoadingReadyRun: The 720th Degree

    i love how at the microsoft development office for xbox they was playing wii in their down time oh ho hoho. :P
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    Take-Two Boss Predicts the End of THQ

    i love saints row this is such a shame if it's true.i mean with a graph like that in the post it takes alot of innovation of a business model to pull it back. its harder than you think to just start creating original content
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    Mass Effect 3's Ending Was Intended To Polarize

    i've decided to boycott origin and EA products not because of all this DLC stuff just general practises as a consumer so its already happened for me. im not buying ME3 im not buying any Sports title from them or even getting origin. its something that a disagree so im saying with my wallet.
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    Mass Effect 3's Ending Was Intended To Polarize

    DLC's : 1st they are purely comestic items or standalone expansion packs which add many many hours like a second game. then they slowly evolve into single plot lines that are only 1 quest however dont affect the overall story. then they become integral parts of the main story cut form the...
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    Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 7

    awesome episode and glad to hear that things ended on a positive note with top 5 it was sad to see it go. super psyched if you get kel and loading ready run they are totally awesome episodes of the future seem important
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    Dear Esther Review

    this reminds me of just a book. put to a game surrounding so you explore what the narrator is saying and im excited at that prospect. like audio book is reading it this seems like a further step. may i just say it looks amazing and those graphics make me want to cry. i'd love to just spend all...