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    Student Protest

    Yeah, but all the universities are going to increase substantially, I was just wondering if it going abroad would be a better alternative. I haven't fully decided yet, could be why I'm so clueless about this. It'll most likely be conservation oriented though, ecology or zoology.
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    Student Protest

    £9000?! Damn, I thought tuition fees were only increasing to £6000 a year. I don't really blame the students for being angry about this, these increases are pretty alarming. On the other hand I hardly see what smashing a few windows will achieve, other than some arrests... On a side note...
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    What Should My Friend Name Her Dog?

    Try Caractacus. Or Spiridion. Never heard those used before.
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    Lamest/WTF?! plot twist

    Oh dear, that is a hideously bad idea...
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    Lamest/WTF?! plot twist

    The US version? Why what happened? Edit: Oh, and the plot twists of MW2 was just awful.
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    Underappreciated Literature Gems

    Pretty much all of Gerald Durrell's work. Whenever I mention him, all I get in return is "Gerald who?". Still my favourite author.
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    You are going into battle against 100 soldiers on the back of a creature, What are you riding?....

    Easy. Piggy-back on another soldier. I'd like to go out in [i/]style[/i].
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    Man kills robber. Community divided.

    Whelp, he shouldn't have been concealing the weapon but was right in firing at the robbers.
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    Poll: Is it okay for people to google others to find out information?

    No. But isn't doing something like that illegal anyway? I thought it was a breach of privacy.
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    Poll: so a 28 days later/L4D zombie out break happens...

    Phone the police, and laugh down the line until they hang up. Then steal a boat and head for an oil rig.
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    Your first level 100 Pokemon

    'Twas good old Meganium, back in the sun-swept days of Crystal.
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    Favourite webcomic?

    I don't know, I only found it recently so it might have stopped updating. The site's there though.
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    Favourite webcomic?

    Favourite? Probably Super Effective, but I'd also like to mention Gone With the Blast-Wave too.
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    Smoking. I do it because I love it.

    You can shove whatever crap you like into your body - nicotine, heroin, whatever. It's fine by me.
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    Let's Play Pokemon Sapphire: Monotype Challenge!

    Get the pinsir, eventually it'll be able to learn a hit-hit KO move called Guillotine. Maybe.